Welcome to Twitter @NicolasSarkozy

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Nicolas Sarkozy on january 11 2006.

The big news today? My president, Nicolas Sarkozy, joined twitter! Oh, yeah, he also announced he’s running for re-election. The French presidential elections are 66 days away afteralll… But back to what really matters, Nicolas Sarkozy is tweeting! I’ve been following a lot of the French presidential candidates already (like Francois Hollande and Francois Bayrou) and I’m thrilled to be able to follow Nicolas Sarkozy now. Since Sarko is new at this whole tweeting business, I thought I’d give him a little advice…

1) It’s OK to keep it light! Yes, you’re running for re-election, yes France just lost its AAA rating bla bla bla… Take a cue  from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I mean, who doesn’t love baby pandas??

David Cameron is tweeting pictures of Larry the #ChiefMouser of 10 Downing Street. Is there a pet at l’Elysee? If oui, get that dog, cat, guinea pig or whatever it is a twitter account asap! Gotta distract the electorate from the real issues!! You could also instragram pictures of baby Giulia… I’d like that…

2) Get a better background! This below = boring!

3) You don’t have to follow everyone who follows you but are you really only going to follow @Elysee? I understand there may be some kind of etiquette regarding following your ex-wife, but Cecile Attias just gave you a shout out, the least you can do is tweet her back a little “merci pour ton soutien” or something 😉


4) Catch up to Francois Hollande fast! He has 151K followers…yes, you have a bigger presence on facebook, but you’ve neglected twitter… time to fix that!

5) Make sure your staff doesn’t mix your official acount with their personal one. Like when someone tweeted their excitement over the food truck DC Empenadas from the Barrack Obama’s account. *Le whoopsie*.

6) Don’t even think bout sending a direct message. EVER. If what happened with Anthony Weiner isn’t enough to deter you, have a chat with your minister of energy. That saucy message Eric Besson meant to send privately to his new wife Yasmine Tordjman (who is 29 years younger than him) caused quite a stir a few months ago…

Translation: ‘When I come home I’m going to bed. Too exhausted. With you?’

7) And speaking of frisky messages to one’s spouse, get your wife on twitter (but keep the message PG!) There are already plenty of fake Carla Bruni-Sarkozy accounts, some funny some crass, get her an official account, then you can exchange cute little messages like the Obamas 😉

8) Finally, do announce your candidacy on twitter. Oh, you’re already on top of that one!

Welcome to twitter, and welcome to the race, Monsieur le president!

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