Pardon his French

How do you get away with cursing on live television? You do it in French bien sur! Unless you speak French, you probably didn’t even catch Jean Dujardin’s «Ouais, putain, génial, merci!» He later apologized backstage 😉

Fellow academy award winner Meryl Streep knows a thing
 or two about cursing during live award shows 😉

Dujardin was the first French actor to be nominated for the Best Actor Oscar since Gerard Depardieu in 1990 and the first one to win ever. I could care less if he used the French equivalent of the F* bomb at the Oscars, I’m so proud to be French and there’s nothing anyone can say to rain on my The Artist parade…

… and that includes you Kaui Hart Hemmings and your mean tweets 😉

One thought on “Pardon his French

  1. tres bonne analyse. Oui nous étions fiers d'être français ce jour là et certains américains ont fait une crise de chauvinisme aigue!


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