Cannes Festival Poster Stars Marilyn Monroe

Our year with Marilyn continues as the blond icon graces the official poster of the 65th Cannes Film Festival. Organizers explained their choice stating that “the Festival is a temple of glamour and Marilyn is its perfect incarnation. Their coming together symbolises the ideal of simplicity and elegance.”

Last year, the Cannes Film Festival, presided by Robert De Niro, brought us a number of great films including Festival opener Midnight in Paris, Palme d’Or winner The Tree of Life, Drive (Nicolas Winding Refn was crowded best director), The Artist (with Jean Dujardin receiving a price for best actor and Uggie receiving a Palm Dog) or Footnote (best screenplay.) Films represented at Cannes totalled an outstanding 19 nominations at the 2012 Oscars and six wins (five for The Artist and one for Midnight in Paris.) Let’s hope the 2012 crop of films, as picked by the jury presided by Italian satirical filmmaker Nanni Moretti (winner of the Palme d’Or 2001 for The Son’s Room,) will do just as well!

But back to that just unveiled poster… what do you think? After Faye Dunaway (2011), Juliette Binoche (2010) and a long list of other women, when is the last time the official poster featured a man?

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