Sweet treats for the pill-popping foodie

At $495 each, I don’t think I’ll be popping pills from these little crystal boxes inspired by my favourite French gourmandises. But how cute are they though? This is not the first time, of course, that Judith Leiber has come up with some sweet sparkly creations. Fans of Sex and the City may remember that little Lily Rosenblatt carried an adorable pink cupcake purse to Carrie and Big’s wedding. The one she didn’t quite get to be a flower girl in… So when their creative director, Jana Matheson, returned from a trip to Paris with a box of pastel macarons from Ladurée for the office, the iconic confection inspired a delectable line of pillboxes. These are true to size and come in 14 flavourful colors including champagne, lemon, rose and mint.

And if macarons are not your thing… the Leiber company has a number of other sweet creations… and many other “novelty” bags… all sparkly though!

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