British Invasion – 2012 Edition

There’s a few things the French really dislike. OK, there’s a lot more than a few things but one of them is definitely losing to England. And losing to Germany too. That just brings back bad memories 😉 But losing to England is just what the French did on Sunday during a 6 Nations Cup rugby match. The game was pretty painful, and we lost 22-24, so the last thing I wanted to see today was a bunch of these ALL over town:

The Union Jacks popped up all over the district today as the White House prepares to welcome U.K. Prime Minsister David Cameron and his wife Samantha tomorrow, with a 19-gun salute and an arrival ceremony in front of 6,000 invited guests. Cameron will then be whisked away, aboard Air Force One, to Dayton OH to watch a first-round NCAA tournament game with President Obama while his wife will be tasked with promoting the London Olympic Games amidst joint appearances with Mrs. Obama. Yes, they beat us at rugby AND at getting the 2012 summer games. Thanks for reminding me of that too 😉 Back in D.C., the Camerons will be treated to a black tie state official dinner for 1,000 at the White House, with prominent Britons and celebrities in attendance. Since only heads of states get to do state visits and have state dinners at the White House, Cameron, who is just the head of the government,  will have to contend with an “official” dinner. Not bad when you put things into perspective… all Sarkozy got back in 2010 is a “private dinner” and a recommendation to check out Ben Chili’s bowl… But at least he didn’t have to visit Dayton, OH 😉 

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