Ma Petite Liste – March 12-18 2012

This is a busy week for me! My husband and I are running our very first half marathon on Saturday. I’ve been ravaged by allergies (and they say springtime is the loveliest season in D.C.!) so I’m not feeling as confident as I would want, but I’m feeling pretty good about spending my Saint Patrick’s Day running instead of drinking myself silly. It goes without saying, I’ll be taking it pretty easy this week so I’m in decent shape comes race day. But here are a few fun happenings around town I would love to be able to do:


Pick your sweet sixteen and final fours to help raise money for Becky’s Fund in their work to end and prevent domestic and dating violence. Enter Becky’s Fund‘s Hoops for Hope March Madness Fundraiser and register your bracket by 5PM (follow link here. Password is beckysfund.) You can pay the $30 entry fee on Becky’s Fund website or at the door at Tuesday’s launch event at the Mighty Pint

Becky’s Fund is hosting a tip-off event for their Hoops for Hope March Madness fundraiser (6PM at the Mighty Pint.) Otherwise,  clown around town before catching the pachyderm parade! Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey® presents Fully Charged, which will be at the Verizon Center March 15-18th. Traditionally, the circus rolls into town with an elephants walk, which, une fois n’est pas coutume, will be at night this year! The parade will start at 8PM at Garfield Park and end at the Verizon Center. It will be preceded by a happy hour in Chinatown, with over 15 establishments participating (complete list here). Some will be giving out free glow necklaces, clown noses etc. to wear during the parade while others have created speciality cocktails for the occasion! Some of these fun libations include Ping Pong Dim Sum’s Water for Elephants (martini bianco, white wine and lychee juice served with Asian basil seeds – $5) or the Lion Tamer (tea infused bourbon, with fresh mint and sugar – $5). Wear a clown’s nose and get 10% off your drink tab. For an extra discount, wear that clown nose during lunch at either location, post the picture on Ping Pong’s facebook page and get 20%! 

Pi = 3.1415926535 so yeah, 3/14 became pi day. Why not stalk the Pi on Wheel food truck for some tasty and timely deep dish pizza?  A little birdie (ie their twitter feed) told me they would be at Union Station actually. [3.14 edit, looks like the Pi Truck had some illed time technical issues and will not be roaming the streets today] You can also just head to their brick and motar location in Chinatown, The District of Pi 😉 Buy one pizza and you’ll get the second for $3.14. Pi Common draft will also be priced at $3.14. I think it sounds perfect since I need to carb up!! Finally, for a sweet take on pi(e), why not check out the recently opened Pie Sisters in Georgetown? or head to The Diner, they’re offering $3.14 slices of pie…

Picture courtesy of Pi on wheels

Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather premiered 40 years ago today. Mark the occasion with the Godfather’s Corpse Reviver (plymouth gin, Lillet, Cointreau, lemon and a dash of sanbuca) at Carmine’s or just grab some food to go and watching the film at home!

Bistro Bohem is set to open to the public on March 15, after receiving an official blessing from the Czech Ambassador to the United States. Just to be on the safe side though, go check it out on Friday night. It’s a super cute neighbourhood spot that would be perfect for date night… well, unless you end up at the communal table I guess. I love the cocktails, especially the gin fizz (but I love most cocktails with absinthe!) and after sampling some of their traditional Czech appetizers like the pierogi or the lightly browned mushrooms I can’t wait to actually have a full dinner there. Soon soon.

The race formerly known as the National Marathon is now the SunTrust Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon & CareFirst Rock ‘n’ Roll USA. I’ll be running the half marathon version, wish me luck! And since I’m not sure the French are necessarily lucky, I’ll take the luck of the Irish 😉


My big plan for today (ie. post half marathon day) is to watch ALL of Downton Abbey (season 1 is available on demand on Netflix now and my friend Cecile is bringing over the DVD for season 2). Have you been watching the BBC’s period drama? I hear it’s really good. If you’re feeling more ambitious than me (and not too hangover from Saint Patrick’s day) you might want to head to the Travel and Adventure show at the Convention Center. Patricia Schultz, author of 1,000 Places to see before you die will talk about her book between 11:45AM-12:45PM (bring your copy of the book or purchase one on site, there will be a book signing managed by Politics and Prose.) Around the same time (12-1:30PM) there will also be an Embassy Chef Showcase sponsored by Cultural Tourism DC featuring Chef Young A. Byeone Lee of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea making bibimguksu with tdeock galbi and Chef Nazha Kasraoui of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco demonstrating the art of seafood pastilla… which all sounds good enough to almost make me want to move on my couch… almost.

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