Passover Nutella S’Mores

It’s spring cleaning time! As I was going through some old Martha Stewart magazines, hoping I could toss out a few, I came across a recipe for Matzo S’Mores. Since Passover is just around the corner, Matzo is available pretty much everywhere these days so I thought I’d try them at home. I replaced the chocolate with Nutella because Nutella makes everything taste better (also because it’s pretty much the only chocolate I can eat) and the result was a simple and delicious treat. Since the matzo is not as sweet as graham cracker, you have to compensate with a little bit more Nutella. There are worse things đŸ˜‰  Otherwise, it’s just like regular s’more. Break the matzo into squares. Melt the marshmallows in the oven (it’s pretty quick under the broiler). Spread Nutella on a square of Matzo, top with a melted marshmallow and sandwich with another square of Matzo. Enjoy!

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