Team Easter Bells!

I’m allergic to chocolate but that’s not the reason why the Easter Bunny will not be bringing me any chocolate this Sunday. The Easter Bunny won’t be bringing me any chocolate because les cloches will!!  Most Americans grew up with the Easter Bunny and think that bells bringing candy to little children on Easter morning makes no sense at all… Well, I think it makes about as much sense as a bunny if you ask me 😉

Pierre Herme doesn’t pick sides and makes both chocolate bunnies and bells comes Easter season.

Despite being a fairly secular country these days, France was once a strong Catholic nation. We still hold many of the Catholic holidays, and for Easter for example, have Good Friday and Easter Monday off. But back to my bells. According to French tradition, all the church bells are silent from Good Friday until Easter Morning. They’re silent because they’re actually on holiday (like the rst of country). Except, in this case, they’re in Italy. On a pilgrimage really. The Friday before Easter, they fly off to Rome to see the Pope and they come back bearing gifts of chocolate eggs which magically drop from the sky into the backyards of little French children. Makes perfect sense to moi  😉

Whether you’re Team Easter Bunny or Team Cloches de Pâques, have a wonderful Easter filled with wonderful food and delicious treats (brought to you by either a bunny or a bell)! Joyeuses Pâques!

[This post is an update of last year’s Easter Bunny versus Les Cloches post]

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