Giveaway – Monsieur Lazhar Screening

As the month of the Francophonie wraps up it’s important to remember that French is spoken throughout the world… in France, of course, but also in Quebec and in Algeria for example. Of course the French I speak is slightly different from one spoken in Canada… heck, even within France… I have a hard time understanding what my cousins from Marseille are saying sometimes 😉 But it’s these linguistic differences that make our shared language so rich. Monsieur Lazhar,  a 2012 best foreign picture nominee from Canada explores this topic, among others, in a quiet and engaging film that will opens in D.C. on April 27th and will also be shown on April 13 and 17 as part of FilmFest DC.

I’m thrilled to be able to give away some tickets to a special screening of Monsieur Lazhar that will take place at 7PM at E Street Cinema, in presence of writer/director Philippe Falardeau, this Thursday (April 12th.) Monsieur Falardeau will also answer a few questions at the end of the screening. Since the film is about a teacher – the title character, Monsieur Lazhar, is a subsitute teacher and recent Algerian immigrant to Quebec who gets hired to replace an elementary school teacher who committed suicide – I thought I would make the giveaway about teachers… great teachers to be exact! Just write a quick comment either about a great teacher that you have had or about what you think makes a great teacher and I will randomly picks a few winners tomorrow. Each winner will get a pair of tickets to Thursday’s screening.

8 thoughts on “Giveaway – Monsieur Lazhar Screening

  1. Great teachers have patience and a great sense of humor (especially those that teach the younger kids). I've had some great teachers in my life that have inspired me through those two things and hopefully kids today will be able to get the same!

    (Hear the movie is fantastic!)


  2. I responded well to teachers who were patient, understanding and had a sense of humor. These characteristics along with the ability to present material in a variety of ways helped me engage and retain the material.


  3. This film looks lovely! I've had so many wonderful teachers and still have many to date. The very first that I recall with the most admiration is my 5th grade teacher, who was absolutely terrifying – so much so that I forced myself to read for an assignment after initially doing so poorly in her class (due to absolutely hating books), and I found that I loved it. I am and have since been an insatiable reader and am now a writer and editor. I'm still a bit scared at the thought of her, though, but, her teaching methods worked wonders, so I guess it worked out in the end!


  4. I think a great teacher is willing to listen to her students. Teaching, as many of us tend to forget, is a two-way street. Teachers and students must learn from one another in order to be truly educated. Teaching is not just a matter of standing up in front of a class and lecturing. Learning is interactive, experiential, and quite personal. Everyone learns differently and has their own unique thoughts to offer. A great teacher knows this.


  5. To me what makes a great teacher is a teacher who is simply passionnate. Teachers of course need to be patient, but I really admire teachers who truly respect their students, respect their views, their pace and respect the fact that they are all different. I think the best teacher I had was one that would not try to make us all the same, but that would appreciate our differences.


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