The best part of a dinner at RIS is…Iceland?

The best part of a trip to Paris is Iceland?? Really!?!? Allow me to kindly disagree with you, Icelandic Tourist Board 😉 That being said, everytime my husband and I go home to Paris we toy with the idea of stopping in Iceland for a few days. So I guess the Iceland Naturally campaign is kinda working… We haven’t made the frozen lay-over quite yet, so for now we will have to contend with a visit to RIS. Because this week, the best part of a dinner at RIS is Iceland! Chef Þráinn Freyr Vigfússon, who recently took 7th place in that little culinary competition known as Le Bocuse d’Or, is making the trip from Reykjavik (possibly on IcelandAir since they’ve resumed direct flights to D.C.) to show us what kind of amazing dishes he’s been cooking up back in his volcanic island. Assisted by RIS Sous Chef Sarah Biglan, he’s preparing a special 4-course menu showcasing fresh ingredients sourced locally in Iceland.  Check out the menu… Icelandic Artic Char, lamb and Viking Tiramisu… já takk!**

The $65 menu will be available at RIS from April 12-15, along with a cool Icelandic cocktail, the “Reykjavik 101” made with Reyka Vodka, Corsair Gin and house made vermouth with a meyer lemon twist. You can also get a different “taste” of Iceland by attending one of the other cultural events planned as part of this little Icelandic showcase… like the free concert at the Fillmore Silver Spring on Saturday, April 14 (tickets available here) or the free screenings of Icelandic hit films on Sunday, April 15 (Summerland at 1PM, Inni by Sigur Ros at 2:30PM, both at  the historic AMC Loews Uptown 1 in Cleveland Park.) And if this little taste of Iceland here in D.C. makes you want to make the trip to Iceland… feel free to stop there on your way to Paris. But the way I see it, the best part of a trip to Paris will always be Paris!

A Taste of Iceland is presented by Iceland Naturally, in cooperation with Icelandair, Reyka Vodka, 66° North, Blue Lagoon, Icelandic Glacial Water, Visit Iceland, RIS Restaurant, and Filmore Silver Spring. Reservations for dinner at RIS can be made by calling 202-730-2500 or visiting

** that means yes please in Icelandic according to google translate…

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