Look Both Ways During Farragut Friday


Farragut Friday is a D.C. food truck tradition where many meals-on-wheels purveyors park around Farragut Square on the last day of the week. The weather was so nice, I couldn’t help but ditch the lunch I had brought to work with me and drag some colleageus for an impromptu picnic. Obviously, I wasn’t the only one with that idea, and the Farragut Sqaure was quite a circus. Actually, it was literally a circus. The Midnight Circus was there to entertain the hungry crowds with acrobats, clows and contortionists as part of Look Both Ways: Street Arts Across America, a week-long performance arts festival organized by the Kennedy Center. As far as food is concerned, I opted for Ficelle’s Pollock sandwich, a skinny baguette from Lyon Bakery topped with pulled pork, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions and a hint of jalapeno, cilantro & lemon garlic alioli. I know that doesn’t sound too seasonal (I think it’s still part of their winter menu) luckily the accompanying sour cherry lemonade provided the necessary touch of spring this meal needed.
TGIF, I mean, DMCV (Dieu Merci C’est Vendredi) everyone!! Oh, and don’t forget to check out “Boundless” by Project Bandaloop tonight (9PM), another street arts performance offered through the Look Up: Night Street Fair Festival (a part of the Look Both Ways Festival). On Wednesday, I was quite impressed by their routine when got a sneak peek of their performance during a rehearsal. Project Bandaloop, a Bay Area group, takes dancing to new heights. Again literally. The group dances vertically on the facade of the Old Post Office Building. It’s quite something to see, don’t miss it 😉

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