Miam Miam ~ Back Alley Waffles


Typically, I wouldn’t recommend you buy *anything* from a back alley in D.C., and especially not in the tranny prostitute rich neighbourhood of Mount Vernon Triangle. And yet I’m about to do just that by suggesting you check out Back Alley Waffles, a new-ish affordable breakfast spot where the gauffres, topped with house-churned butter, are almost as addictive as the crack once sold in that part of town. Of course, Blagden Alley isn’t your your stereotypical shaddy alley these days, and Back Alley Waffles can claim Rogue 24, a concept restaurant launched in a former auto-garage that boast a $135 24-course “journey” menu, as its neighbour. On the other hand of the menu-spectrum, Back Alley Waffles does only one course (buttermilk waffle with house churned butter and real maple syrup – $8), but they do it so well, that you will keep coming back for more. 


Back Alley Waffles is located at 1209 10th St NW – rear (between M & N Streets) in a converted artist’s studio topped by a green roof-top made of discarded Christmas trees. There’s free wi-fi, one dish served on paper plates (there’s no dishwasher in the space yet) and a few drinks like a vanilla-soy chai tea, regular coffee or a healthy smoothie that takes a while to make since it juiced to order in front of you and is comprised of 8  different ingredients (freshly juices oranges, pineapple and carrots with strawberries, banana, vanilla yogurt, honey and aloe vera – $6). 


The waffles themselves are so fluffy you almost forget they’re topped with so much butter. Probably because the butter also feels very airy 😉 The space, on the other hand, is in stark contrast with the light dish. It feels heavy and industrial, encumbered with the large scale mosaics of co-owner Craig Nelsen, who initially opened the restaurant as a bring attention to his art. 

Mission accomplished. Those delicate fresh-off the hot iron waffles are sure to draw in the crowds, turning the streets of a once gritty back alley into a cultural and culinary destination.  

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