You say macaroon, I say macaron. I say do donut, I say doughnut…

As I was getting my stomach ready for National Doughnut Day (which has been celebrated on the first day of June since 1938) I started receiving a couple of message asking me if I was excited about  National “Macaroons” Day. Clearly, if there were some kind of foodie holiday dedicated to my favourite little sweet treat, it would have been marked in my filofax (yes, I still use a filofax…) months ahead of time. So I rightfully assumed May 31st actually celebrates the coconut kind of macaroon, not the often spelled macaroon French macaron. The confusion between macaron and macaroon drives me crazy. They’re SO different. But I get it, macaron is practically impossible to pronounce for an American tongue. Even French pastry chefs here will occasionally take the easy way when speaking in English and call them macaroons, which further perpetuates the confusion. So when I hear macaroon, I never know which they’re referring to 😦

You won’t hear me say this very often, but I almost wish anglophones had adopted the Italian spelling of macaron (maccarone) instead of butchering the French word. Afterall, macarons may or may not have come to France, from Italy, with Catherine de Médicis. Unfortunately, I think the confusion is here to stay… and someone may want to tell the folks over at The Nibble… they wrapped up their post on May Food Holiday with a mention of National Macaroon Day…accompanied by a picture of colourful French macarons from Mad Mac. Oopsie! May 31st is most definitely about the coconut macaroons, which Whole Foods got totally right by posting this pinneaple white chocolate chunch macaroons recipe that seems absolutely delish!

But back to those doughnuts… or it is donuts? Looks like there’s also a little bit of spelling controversy here! But not really.  “Doughnut” is the dictionary approved orthography but the meaning does not change depending on which word you use. A donut is a ring-shaped cake made of dough and fried in fat. So is a doughnut. And the day to celebrate either or both is June 1st! Do like me, save your appetite, skip macaroon day and instead, drop by your local Dunkin’ Donuts on Friday for a free treat (with the purchase of a beverage) or the nearest Krispy Kreme (no purchase necessary).

Happy donut day! Or doughnut day 😉

One thought on “You say macaroon, I say macaron. I say do donut, I say doughnut…

  1. I love coconut macaroons !! But I never understood why we used the same word, I often just said, “I like the kind of macaroon not like in Paris, the kind with coconut and almonds and it's yellow and…”



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