Presidential portrait… à la sauce Hollandaise

Guess who got his picture taken? L’Elysée just presented to the press the official portrait of the new president of the republic, François Hollande.

The official portrait of French president François Hollande

Taken by Raymond Depardon in the gardens of l’Elysée, the picture shows our “normal” president looking rather relaxed, with a slight smile on his face, and with the French and EU flags visble in the background. It’s quite a departure from Sarkozy’s very formal official portrait but reminds me a little of Chirac’s… maybe that has something to do with them being from the same region in France… (la Corrèze). While Sarkozy had selected Philippe Warrin, a photographer to the stars for his portrait, Hollande chose Depardon, who is known for his documentaries on the rural world (as well as for his film on the1974 presidential campaign.)

The official portraits of the last 4 french presidents before Hollande

What strikes me is how different the French presidential portraits are from their American counterparts, where the Commander in Chief seems to have very little room to express any kind of individuality.

The official portraits of the last 3 American presidents.
What do you think of Hollande’s official portrait? Of the difference between the way the Americans and French represent their presidents?

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