Et un, et deux et trois (cuatro) zero!

The Euro Cup 2012 is over, I can finally resume a normal, soccer-free life. I don’t need to look back at the whole tournament, but here are a few of my thoughts following today’s championship game:

1. The Spaniards are good. Like really good. Bottom line.

2. Italy didn’t just lose. It was humiliated. I thought it would feel good see… I mean, I’ve been dreaming of a moment like this since the 2006 World Cup final. And yet, I felt kinda bad for the Azurri. Kinda…

3. The Spanish players have some adorable kids!

4. France is hosting the next Euro Cup in 2016 so Michel Platini got to hand Spain its trophy. Was Zidane too busy celebrating his 40th birthday to make it? Or did they think it was a bad idea to have him so close to the Italian team? Either way, it means at least one frenchman got close to the cup this year… and at least Les Bleus lost to the eventual winners right?

5. Europeans do not care about Canada Day. While I not so secretly hoped Spain would win it all, I was watching the match with friends from both countries so rather than pick side… Spain… Italy… I chose Canada and wore my best red roots Canada tank top (complete with maple leaf and everything) and white shorts. I mean, July 1st is Canada Day after all… the result: I had to justify over and over my choice of attire. Yes, I know Canada isn’t playing today!!

6. Some people like to drown their sorrow… others prefer to drown their joy! Just like they had two years ago when La Roja won the World Cup, Spaniards took to Dupont Circle. I mean, it’s over 100 degrees out there, I can’t blame them for going all Furia Roja on the fountain. The policemen in charge of the area, however, must have been Italy supporters… they told them to go party somewhere else 😉

Hope you enjoyed watching the Euro Cup as much as I did. I can’t wait ’til the World Cup in Brazil and  the the 2016 Euro tournament… which I will watch in France!

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