L’Heure de l’Apéritif – Star Spangled Sangria

One thing you won’t catch me drinking this 4th of July (or pretty much ever) are so called All-American beer like Miller Light or Bud. First of all, they’re both owned by foreign companies which is ironic in itself and I’d rather opt for an actually American owned brand like Yuengling or Sam Adams. But you’re even more likely to find me sipping on something completely different on America’s birthday, like this red-white-and-blue cherry sangria.

The recipe is super simple. Start with a bottle of dry wine white and some red and blue fruits. Strawberries and blueberries could work, blackberries too… I used cherries because I had some home-infused vanilla vodka I wanted to use and I thought it would work well in the sangria. So I personally used a bottle of pinot grigio, 1 oz of vanilla vodka, a handfull of blueberries and some pitted cherries. I mixed it all in a pitcher and added some star fruit (cutting pineapple pieces in the shape of stars works too…) then topped it off with some sparkling wild cherry soda. Alternatively, you could macerate some strawberries and blackberries in 2 oz of triple sec, then add the star shaped fruits and top with the wine and some lemon perrier.
A la vôtre (et surtout, à l’Amerique!)

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