What to wear this Quatorze Juillet?

Every July 14th is pretty much the same here in D.C. so rather than write yet another round-up post on what to do to celebrate France’s national holiday (BYT has a great post for that) I thought I’d help you figure out what to wear to some of the big Bastille Day events…

Paul Bakery started a new tradition last year when it launched its French Baguette Relay Race last year. No need for sports gear for this “race,” the running is pretty minimum and the hardest thing is probably not to snack on your “baton.” I do recommend some flats though 😉

Baguette race at Paul's

Paul Bakery’s Baguette Relay Race takes place at their flagship location on Pennsylvania Avenue, by the U.S. Navy Memorial, starting at 10:30AM (kids race) and 11:00AM (grown up race) on Saturday, July 14.

You won’t catch me in a French maid outfit, but I do like to fit in so I thought keeping the colour scheme to black and white would be appropriate 😉

L'Enfant's French Maids Race Outfit


L’Enfant‘s 8th Annual Bastille Day Block Party and French Maid Race takes place in the streets near the Adams Morgan restaurant, over Vernon Street between 18th and 19th Streets NW, from 3-11PM on Saturday July 14th (there’s a $5 “express line” fee though if you ant to get there before 5PM). Being outdoors, sunglasses (here chanel like the nailpolish) and a hat are in order if you plan on being there on the early side. The French maid race starts at 6PM and costumes are provided – anyone else wish Sheldon Cooper were running? 😉 There’ll be a beer garden (not very French) courtesy of Stella Artois (not French either), a food truck pavillon (also dubiously French) and can-can dancers (ok these are kind of French). Almost makes me wish I could actually make it one year… almost. 
ps: this outfit would probably also work for dinner dancing at Bistrot du Coin.


L’Alliance Française de Washington is taking over the lush gardens and beautiful mansion of Hillwood Museum, so shorts and a t-shirts wouldn’t quite cut it here… 

Garden Party at Hillwoods

French Festival activities are presented from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on July 14th (tickets here) and are more family friendly than can-can dancers and men dressed as French maids, with activities for children, mimes and baroque music. 


A number of local French restaurants are celebrating la fête nationale with special menus. Michel Richard’s Central offers 15% off all french wines and is providing its waiters with berets. That seemed good enough to get the Pennsylvania Avenue restaurant on a recent Forbes list of Best French Restaurants for Bastille Day (felicitations!)

Dinner at Bistrot du Coin

This outfit works for either the Comite Tricolore’s annual Bastille Day event (tickets here) on July 13th or the invite-only event for expats the next day.Yes, it’s a little bumble bee chic, but it’s a garden party after all.


July 14th at the French Embassy


The last outfit option I should mention of course is the one I really wish I could wear (I’ve had a very long week!) while snuggling at home with my kitty and hubby, watching The Artiste or another great French film available on Netflix… maybe that’s what I’ll do the next morning 😉

Joyeuse Fête Nationale!! 


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