Yes We Can… Eat Macarons!

Everything is political in D.C. Even our macarons 😉 The bite size French dessert has grown in popularity in the district since the last presidential election so it was only a matter of time until this happened:

Campaign 2012 macarons pictured in least partisan flavour ever: vanilla! vanilla vanilla!
Photo courtesy of The Sweet Lobby.
These would be perfect for any debate watch party, fundraisers etc. 😉
The political macarons are available in limited quantities for individual purchase at The Sweet Lobby on Capitol Hill (where else?) every day for just 50 cents more than the regular macarons. For larger orders (16 macarons minimum) allow for 5 days notice. Of course, since there’s hardly anything worse than being even remotely associated with France when you’re running for president in the United States, I doubt we’ll be seeing either candidate nom on these sweet treats. Oh well. More for moi!!

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