Cool Watermelon Day Recipe

Apparently today is national watermelon day (who comes up with these?) To celebrate summer’s favourite fruit, I give you this cool (literally, cool, as in refreshing) watermelon-blueberry popsicles. They’re super easy to make.

I have one of these little single serve blender but I’m sure a full size one would work as well. Blend some watermelon chunks with a little lime juice. For 6 popsicles, 4 cups of watermelon and 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lime juice works. The original recipe called for 1-2 tablespoons of sugar but my husband is all paleo now so sugar has been banned in our house. And you really don’t need the extra sweetness, the watermelon should be sweet enough on its own. Once that is all blended, grab about one cup of blueberries and divide them between your popsicle molds. I found mine for $6 at the new T.J. Maxx downtown but you can also order some online (I like these sailboat ones.) Pour the watermelon liquid over the blueberries and freeze for 6 hours.

Happy watermelon day everyone! Oh and for those who are wondering, a watermelon in French is a pastèque. And it makes a great mojito too:

For that other refreshing watermelon drink, just muddle together 5 mint leaves, one small lime cut in quarters, and 1 tablespoon of superfine sugar (not paleo friendly… sorry hubby). Add some watermelon chunks (maybe a cup) and mash again. Stir in 2 ounces of white rum and some ice cube and voila, you’ve got a great cocktail to celebrate watermelon day!! Cheers!

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