Love and Mariage… and Friends

Like many international couple, my husband and I had two weddings. And of course, I want to celebrate both anniversaries 😉 More gifts, more excuses to dine out! But really, the second wedding, which took place 6 years ago today, is the one we emphasize. On August 11, 2006 we said “I do” at the Cathedral of Saint Matthew the Apostle in front of our families and friends.

And those friends are what I want to reflect on today. Maybe I’m a little nostalgic because I recently got to spend some time with two of them. Maybe I miss them since we don’t live in the same city or even country and don’t get to see each other very often anymore. Whatever the reason, I feel so fortunate that I had four wonderful ladies by my side that day, in overpriced silk dresses they will never wear again. Four ladies who were great friends at different stages of my life.

But I feel especially blessed that all four of my bridesmaids have found great life partners of their own and I that I got to be there for them on their special days, as they were for me. My friends Elena and Caitlin actually also celebrate their sixth wedding anniversaries this month. Elizabeth and Tommy are going on five years and Sara just celebrated her first anniversary. I’m so happy for them, as I’m sure they are for me. We may not live close, or see each other very often, but today I am thankful for these friends and for the happiness that they have also found.

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