"It Can Wait" Give-away

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“lol. I haven’t been up until 4AM in a very long time.”

That’s the last text message I received and it seems pretty insignificant right? (no offense Cecile) It was quick, simple and took just a few seconds to send. But if Cecile had been driving when she sent it, it could have been distracting and even deadly. Texting, like drinking, is a form of distracted driving and according to the National Safety Council is responsible for more 100,000 car crashes a year. Young drivers, who tend to be avid texters, are particularly at risk. To raise awareness of the issue of texting and driving, AT&T is launching a campaign asking drivers not to text and drive and holding an “it can wait” pledge day on Wednesday, September 19th.

I’ve taken the pledge and committed not to text and drive and I’d like to encourage you to do the same. As an extra incentive, the local AT&T team has provided me with a Plantronics BackBeat GO – Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, a set of ultralight wireless stereo earbuds compatible with pretty much every mobile device, to giveaway to a reader who also commits not to text and drive. To take the pledge, visit AT&T’s “It Can Wait” website and commit to never text and drive. To be entered in the contest, just share your pledge on twitter and tag @FrenchTwistDC in your tweet. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #itcanwait. For example, you can tweet: “Like @FrenchTwistDC, I joined @ATT and pledge not to tweet & drive. Take the pledge too! #itcanwait” or “Texting & driving simply isn’t worth it! Pledge with me, @FrenchTwistDC & @ATT. RT “I pledge” #itcanwait.” The idea is to get the word out, leading up to the first ever national awareness day on September 19th, that texting and driving just isn’t worth the risk so there’s no limit to how many times you can enter. Every tweet encouraging others to take the pledge will enter you to win the Plantronics BackBeat GO – Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, as long as I am cc-ed on it somehow 😉 And if you need to be reminded that no text (or tweet) is worth a life, just watch AT&T’s “Don’t Text While Driving” documentary. It’s rather chilling.

I will select a winner at random at the end of Wednesday, September 19th. The headphones will be mailed out, so that means US readers only…

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