Champagne and Dine Giveaway

Any restaurant that features a champagne happy hour, hosts free French movie showings and has duck confit on its menu is likely to be high on my list of places I love to frequent. So I’m delighted to be able to offer two lucky readers the opportunity to wine champagne and dine at Napoleon Bistro and Lounge in Adams Morgan courtesy of CityEats.

CityEats was created in partnership with the Food Network and is a great way to explore a city’s restaurant scene (currently, D.C., New York, New Orleans and Philadelphia) and make dinner reservations all in one spot. To be eligible to win a dream meal at one of my favourite D.C. French bistro (a $100 value) just look through Napoleon Bistro and Lounge’s menu on CityEats’ website and let me know in the comment section what that dream meal there would be… I will pick a winner at random before the Vice-Presidential debate on Thursday (sorry…I’ve got politics on my mind these days), just in time to book a table via CityEats for a fabulous weekend brunch at Napoleon! 

And in case you’re wondering what mine would be, I would have to start with a kir royal and French onion soup, before moving on to the duck confit (it’s so rare to find duck confit on a menu in D.C.!!) with a side of potato gratin and wild mushrooms. If I were still hungry for dessert, I would also order  the apple Tatin but if I weren’t, I would still end my dream meal on a sweet note with Napoleon’s famous Nutella espresso. 

Bonne chance!!

24 thoughts on “Champagne and Dine Giveaway

  1. It all looks delicious! I'd start with the Asparagus Risotto, and (although the Duck looks wonderful) I dont think I'd be able to pass up the Rabbit Confit Crepe. Also after dinner the Apple Beignets with Nutella espresso. Then you'd have to roll me out of the restaurant.


  2. I can't pass up frog legs, so I would start with those. I also love rabbit, so I would then move to the rabbit confit crepe, and then finish off with the brioche bread pudding, with a side a cafe au lait on the side. It all sounds too wonderful to pick, but I think I'd be pretty pleased with this selection!


  3. I'd start with calamri, and a glass of vino. Then I'd go for the Moules Marinieres – with frites, of course! If I had any room, I'd finish with a cup of tea and the Apple Tartin. Yummy!


  4. Laura, I accidentally deleted your comment… here's what it said: “Oh Mon Dieu…I want it all.

    With this chilly weather, I'm craving those hearty, traditional comfort foods.

    So to start, it's the Onion Soup Gratinee, followed by the Coq-Au-Vin. Apple Tartin and an espresso to finish.

    miam miam!!”

    Email me so I can fix this


  5. I would start with Frog Legs Provencale along with the grilled asparagus. Then I would have the onion soup gratinee, because it's going to be cold and this surely would be hearty. I am tempted by the duck confit, but I think I would have to order the foie gras and duck sausage. “You never saw such an entree,” I would proclaim. Get it? Saw such … sausage? I digress. Then I would think of Marlon Brando and order the Last Tango Crepe. And I would remember the night oh so fondly.


  6. A dream meal at a dream restaurant? Might as well do it right…

    Delectable Frog Legs Provencale to start (good choice with the Kir Royale), the Coq-Au-Vin (you almost never see this dish anymore, especially made the traditional french way), and of course, the cheese plate to finish.


  7. Very difficult, and I'm sure my meal choice will change by the time I finish typing, but for now I like the Asparagus Risotto, Charcuterie Platter, and then the Coq-Au-Vin. I'm full and happy just thinking about it.


  8. I would start with the frog legs, then after smelling the garlic butter on the escargot at the table next to me I would say 'what the heck, how about an order of those as well!” I would follow that up with the duck confit, because I just can't pass up duck. However, I would strongly “encourage” my husband to order the onion soup and the rabbit crepe! Saving room for dessert is a given, there is a reserved section of the stomach for that (with just enough room for the apple beignets!)


  9. I would choose the assiette de fromage, then the migonette of beef tenderloin with grilled asaparagus. For dessert, the apple tartin.


  10. Que rico– worth a shot. Dream dinner would be w/the hubby. Definitely order F and Beet salad to start off. For the main course it would be Grilled Lamb Chop and definitely Duck Confit. To finish off with Brioche Bread Pudding, along with two flavorful espresso's. Sound good? Sounds filling. Crossing my fingers.


  11. First off, I would make sure to eat lightly earlier in the day since I really plan to indulge in some of my favorite French foods.

    I would start with the frog legs provencale (a favorite since trying them as a 7 year-old!). Then I would move on to the duck confit—my absolute favorite food in the world. I would just have to hope that my dining companion will order the steak frites, so I can try it.

    Finally I would end the meal with the brioche bread pudding and a cafe latte. Throughout the meal of course–lots and lots of champagne! Bon apetit!


  12. To relive my last magical trip to Paris I would start with a kir royal de mure then two orders of escargot and an avocado salad. I would have the coq-au-vin as my main course and proceed to order every dessert while sipping a delicious cognac digestif! Can't wait!! @ro_bonnie


  13. I would start off with some French onion soup, followed by the frog legs provencale, then escargot Provencial, then the tuna tartare, then the lamp chops, then some crepes Suzette and then finish off the meal with a cheese plate.

    Of course much bubbly and wine would accompany this delicious meal.


  14. Whenever I'm enjoying delicious French cuisine, I have to begin with the French Onion Soup…I'm a sucker for gruyere cheese. If we're going all out, I'd love to throw in the Wild Mushroom Crepe!

    My next course would have to be the grilled jumbo scallops (the saffron vanilla sauce is really intriguing). I'm struggling to choose between the Grilled Lamb Chop and Mignotte of Beef Tenderloin (it would depend on which meat I'm craving the most that day.)

    Third course: the moules marinieres without a doubt! I think the shallot and parsley would give the dish a rich flavor.

    Dessert…always my favorite part. It's a tie between the “Last Tango” and the “Chocolat Fondant”…it's clear from these two selections that I'm not a fan of chocolate ;-] (the dessert HAS to be done with the nutella espresso)


  15. From Laure who is having trouble posting: ” i am on top of all the comments and it is only 8:55pm 🙂 –> >>frog legs provencale to start with, steamed porcini raviolis accompagnied with escargots provencal… for desert? crepe suzette bien sur !!”


  16. Thanks everyone for your comments. I loved reading all your favourite picks from Napoleon's menu! Jen was the winner, and not because she picked the duck confit too 😉 felicitations Jen!


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