Animal Planet’s Kitten Cam shows its Catitude!

The entire city is showing its Natitude this week… even the adorable little kitties from the Washington Animal Rescue League that are featured on Animal Planet’s Kitten Cam. Well, they’re actually showing their Catitude! Go Nats Cats!
ps: speaking of the Washington Animal Rescue League, it’s election season and the race for president is in full swing. You can vote with your stomach at many of the area’s bars and restaurants, but you can also express your preference for a good cause by voting for either Barrrk Obama the dog or Mitt’ns Romney the kitten on the shelter’s website. Both animals are available for adoption and while your vote (and donation of $1 or more) may not change the course of the country, it can make a huge difference in the lives of these two potential pets and many others. My cat Chloe (a former Washington Animal Rescue League resident) and I already stuffed the ballot for Mitt’ns!

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