Let Them Eat Cake, I mean…Chicken Feed

We have this expression in French: “quand on aime on ne compte pas.” I’m not sure if there’s an equivalent in English but it roughly translates to “when you love, you don’t count.” As in you don’t count your money and you spend lavishly. So let’s say you have some chicken in your backyard. And you really (really) love them. Then Neiman Marcus has just the gift idea for you. In its recently released annual ‘fantasy gifts’ holiday catalog, the luxury retailer featured a multi-level hen house inspired by Versailles.

All photos in this post courtesy of Neiman Marcus
The fancy chicken digs are inspired by Marie Antoinette’s petit trianon and feature a nesting area, a living room, a library with books, paintings and a chandelier.

The Beau Coop (beaucoup… beau coop… get it?) retails at $100,000, though $3,000 per purchase will be donated to the American Livestock Breed Conservancya nonprofit organization that protects genetic diversity through the conservation and promotion of endangered breeds. And as I said in the opening of this post, if you really love your poulets (and poulettes) money shouldn’t be an object 😉

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