Postcard from the 2012 FIAC

My most recent trip home coincided with the FIAC, the annual International Contemporary Art Fair. This year, the fair brought together some 180 galleries from around the world under the majestic glass dome of Paris’ Grand Palais between October 20-23, 2012. But my favourite part of the FIAc was the Hors les Murs (outside the walls) portion, which brought contemporary art, from sculptures to conceptual installations and performances into the city and turns Paris into its own open air art gallery.

Here are some of the pop-up art installations I loved this year:

The bouncy Stonehenge of Jeremy Deller’s Sacrilege on l’esplanade des Invalides
All the fun, new sculptures at the Tuileries Garden (the weather was gorgeous too!)
The Slick, which focuses on emerging artists and took over a garage in my neighbourhood. 
Gagosian’s new Le Bourget space, which opened on Galleries Night Out

While we did have to pay to get into the Slick, all of the other events took place outdoors and were free. We even got a free ride from Gagosian’s Matignon gallery to Le Bourget, which was pretty cool, especially since I’m not likely to ever land there in a private jet as he expects his clientele will do…

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