Who Needs Rankings when you have Paul?

Colonials, I have some good and some bad news for you. By now, I’m sure you’ve heard, George Washington University (which, full disclosure, is one of the main reason I’m in the US now… class of ’05… go buff and blue!) lost its U.S. News & World Report ranking earlier this week. Womp womp womp. But on the bright side, Paul Bakery is opening on campus, so you have at least something to celebrate!

The newest member of the Paul USA family at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue NW – Photo Credit: Larkin Goff for PAUL USA

When I was studying at this now unranked institution of higher learning, there wasn’t much around Foggy Bottom beside McFadden’s (already quite douchy btw) and the worst Friday’s in the country (still the worst I’m sure). The cost of my education, which was already very high back then, would probably have doubled had I had access to a Whole Foods Market, Sweetgreen, Circa and Trader Joes. On top of all these great additions to the neighbourhood, George Washington University students can now treat themselves to macarons, eclairs, tarte aux fruits rouges (my favourite… try it!) and crunchy sandwiches at the latest outpost of Paul Bakery. I don’t know if I’m thankful or jealous on that one 😉 

Get your tarte citrouille with a purchase tomorrow by being one of the first to drop by the new store at 2000 Penn 

GWU students (and Mexican Embassy, IMF, and World Bank staffers too…), on the other hand, should be thankful that Paul is opening its fourth bakery at The Shops at 2000 Penn this week. As part of the opening festivities (and upcoming Thanksgiving holiday) Paul is giving away 2000 tartelettes citrouilles (that’s a fancy French way of saying pumpkin tart) to the first 2000 people who drop by the new store and make a purchase this Monday, November 19th, 2012 (the store opens at 7AM). PS the tarte citrouille is only one of Paul’s seasonal offerings, there’s a tarte pecan-chocolate too, that I can’t eat sadly, and a pecan cranberries tarte too that I’m dying to try… hopefully when I visit my old stomping grounds around 8AM tomorrow… 

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