DC-to-do list ~ 2013 Edition

Yes I will drink less wine, work out more, spend less time instagramming pictures of my cat and read more books instead of just pinning images of book covers to a “books I’d like to read” board on pinterest (ps: you can follow me on pinterest to see what those books are…) We all make New Year’s resolutions but back in 2010, I decided to make a DC-to-do list instead. I barely crossed half of them off (in 3 years no less) so it wasn’t a resounding success but I think I’m ready to put this semi-failure behind me and give it another go! So here are ten D.C. things (and a couple extra non-DC stuff too) I haven’t done yet that I resolve to do in 2013:

1) Take a tour of the Supreme Court (yes, this is back from my 2010 list, and ideally, I will sit on a hearing… but at the very least I **WILL** take a tour!)

2) Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey house (alas, this one is also back from the 2010 list…)

3) Last one from the 2010 list, but since I can’t have the shrimp toasts at Four Sisters anymore, I’ll settle for some duck at Peking Gourmet Inn instead ;-)  

4) Check out if Little Serow lives up to the hype (I’m pretty sure it will.)

5) Take a class at the Living Social building at 918 F St. NW in Penn Quarter (I must admit, I haven’t even been in the building yet *bows head in DC-shame*).

6) Sip cocktails at the Columbia Room

7) Visit President Lincoln’s Cottage (did you even know this excited? me neither…) 

President Lincoln’s Cottage – picture courtesy of the National Trust for Historic Preservation in the US

8) Catch a movie at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse. I like movies. I like booze. Why have I not done this before? Oh yeah… it’s in Virginia!!😉

9) Have dinner at Ray’s the Steak (I haven’t been to a single restaurant in Michael Landrum’s ever-expanding empire… so I figure I should start with the original right?) 

10) Tour the Historic Congressional Cemetery.

Two places that I’d love to visit are also the Gunpowder Bison farm in Monkton, MD and Catoctin Creek Distillery in Loudoun County. I’m not sure they really belong on this list, so I’ll just mention them now and use them for extra points😉 And not related to D.C., I also resolve to:

11) Visit my friend Caitlin during her yearly exile to Los Angeles. Every winter, my favourite New Yorker escapes the cold East Coast to spend a few sunny weeks on the other side of the country. I have said I would go visit her for the past 5 years. Now it’s on the list, so this better be the year…

12) Make my own bitters… can’t be that hard right? Plus I’ve got this nifty little guide by D.C.’s own Dereck Brown.

13) Travel to at least one entirely new place. Last year I discovered Budapest in Hungary. I love the idea of going to a new country once a year, though I have no idea what this year will hold for me…

Greeting from Budapest! Or in this case, from Buda overlooking Pest😉

What are some of the things that you’ve always thought to yourself “oh I should do this some day” or make you think “I can’t believe I’ve never done this”? What would be on your DC-to-do list?

4 thoughts on “DC-to-do list ~ 2013 Edition

  1. Kenlyn ~ yes, they have all sorts of events from yoga to a pop-up shop for rent the runway soon… they have cooking classes or tasting events, restaurant pop-ups which is what I think I'd do probably…


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