A look back at twenty twelve

January ~ I learned to shuck oysters, it’s actually not that hard…
February ~ what’s better than traveling to Paris? Traveling to Paris with awesome girlfriends.
March ~ ran my first half marathon with the husband
April ~ voted in the French presidential elections (in May too)
May ~ third time’s a charm, traveled to San Juan for work again.
June ~ cheered for France in the EuroCup. Not hard enough apparently…
July ~ there’s actually a PEZ factory… it’s in Connecticut and I visited it.
August ~ watched Mitt Romney accept his party nomination at the Republican
National Convention in Tampa, FL
September ~ Hung out with Chef Art Smith at the Democratic
National Convention in Charlotte, NC – oh yeah, and saw Barrack Obama accept his party nomination too 😉
October ~ discovered Budapest’s cafe culture with my two favourite world travelers
November ~ Said goodbye to someone I had known my whole life
December ~ beefed up my jewish creds by lunching at Katz’s on Christmas Day. Spending a stress-less holiday in New York City with the hubby was pretty awesome.

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