Joyeux Anniversaire Dame de Fer!

On January 28, 1887 construction began on a controversial tower that would change the skyline of Paris forever. It took just over two years to complete, which is nothing when you think that it took 182 years to build Notre Dame (ps: the cathedral is celebrating its 850th anniversary in great pomps this year). I can’t imagine what the city would be like today without it… 

For the celebration of the new millenium in 2000, she got adorned with sparkling lights. Just like the tower itself, which was only meant to be up for a few years, the lights weren’t meant to be permanent. But they were too popular to go anywhere and, today, they still glitter on the hour every hour. No matter how many time I’ve seen her sparkle, I still stop in awe to admire the show whenever I’m close enough to see it. Pictures and videos don’t do it justice, I really think it’s a sight everyone should experience in person, at least once in their lifetime…. 

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