DC Tops Unexpectedly Romantic Cities List

Forbes is always coming up with all sorts of random but awesome lists like the least stressful jobs of 2013 (being a University Professor might be the least stressful job but I work with college students too and they stress me out!) or the most annoying business slang. With Valentine’s Day approaching, Forbes decided to publish a list of unexpectedly romantic cities. And guess what, Washington, D.C. made the cut so move over Virginia… DC is for lovers too* 😉


Washington, D.C., photo courtesy iStock/drnadig via Forbes

Forbes’ reasons for including the nation’s capital? Obviously not the “love” that oozes out of the capitol 😉 But the cherry blossoms do amp up the city’s romantic appeal every year (well, aside from the allergy induced sneezing and runny nose). And of course, Geogetown and its cobblestone streets get a mention as does it’s up-and-coming-dining-scene. Have you been to any of the cities on the list? Austin has topped my list of US cities I’d like to visit for a while now. What do you think makes D.C. an unexpectedly romantic city?

* though according to this post on DCist, Virginia is for lovers, Maryland is for crabs and DC is… well, not a state.

2 thoughts on “DC Tops Unexpectedly Romantic Cities List

  1. I've always considered DC an incredibly romantic city, with the monuments lit up at night, historical places around almost every corner, suits and uniforms everywhere and just the feeling in the sultry air on those warm evenings.


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