John Kerry Parle un Petit Peu Français…

Ok… so the new Secretary of State actually speaks a lot of français 😉

When he was running for president back in 2003-2004, speaking French was probably one of the worst thing John Kerry could have done, so he avoided it very carefully. Actually, he even avoided speaking French at a press conference less than 3 weeks ago. But that was back in Washington… Once on an official visit to France as Secretary of State, it’s not so bad. I mean, everyone knows that with the French, flattery will pretty much get you everything you want… tell us our food is good, and that our language is beautiful (even better, speak it!) and we’ll love you forever. John Kerry’s a smart guy, he knows that… so he busted out some pretty impressive French (and called his lunch merveilleux) earlier today during a joint press conference with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius. Judge for yourself:


I mean, he’s no Bradley Cooper, but I’m definitely impressed! Even though John Kerry did end up switching back to English saying: “and now I’ll speak in English because otherwise they won’t let me return home.” I guess some things never change…

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