A Tale of Two Waffles

Turns out today is international waffle day… I’m always looking for an excuse to spread some Nutella on something (anything!) so I’m all about celebrating. But I’m also all about using this opportunity to “waffle” in on a very important debate: who makes the best waffle? Brussels or Liège?

You see, waffle’s native land is a very divided place… Belgium is home to two regions, Flanders and Wallonia, who speak two languages, French and Flemish (which is kind of like Dutch), and are home to people of two different faiths, catholics and protestants. But none of this matters when it comes to waffles…. all the good ones are from the French speaking regions (duh!). Still… they’re a source of great divide as some swear by the Bruxelles waffle, and others by its Liège counterpart. What’s the difference? Well, for starters, one is round. The other rectangular. But really, it’s all in the texture. The  Liège waffle is more dense since it uses crystalized sugar in its batter. The sugar caramelizes upon cooking, forming a crispy, crunchy, golden coating. (cheats!) The Brussels waffles is make with a thin, yeast-leavened batter and is lighter, with deeper holes.


Which is better is really a matter of personal preference, but I still would like to settle the debate once and for all: my favourite waffle is neither! It’s actually the gaufre fourrée de Lille. I mean, I’ve gotta cheer for the hometown waffle right? Don’t get me wrong, I love the gaufre de Liège though I do tend to prefer its rectangular Brussels cousin. BUT, I used to devour the gaufres at Meert as a child and I will always be faithful to my first gaufre love. I’m thrilled the love has spread to Paris too, where you can now find them in their brand new marais boutique, as well at Pierre Herme, who gives this oh-so-sweet treat the Ispahan treatment.


Trust me… try both if you’re ever in Paris. Or if for some reason you stop in Lille (maybe as a pit stop on your way to Bruxelles) definitely visit the original Meert. There’s not much else to see there anyway 😉

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Waffles

  1. Hello i went to france and i didnt knew meert until now but with this advice i will surely go try does ones, i just have a question because i just cooked some Brussels waffles with fresh yeast but they taste allot to it (yeast) and still i used the normal quantity
    I just noticed in the preparation it says (yeast-leavened batter)
    Is it any difference to using only yeast


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