Luck of the French

Le premier mai c’est pas gai / Je trime a dit le muguet 

Dix fois plus que d’habitude / Regrettable Servitude*. ~ George Brassens

May 1st is a national holiday in France. We celebrate workers by not working, but we also spring and our Fête du Travail is also known as La Fête du Muguet. The tradition is to give the ones you love a little bouquet of lily-of-the-valley for good luck. And of course, if you’re a union worker, then there’s some demonstrating in the streets involved too 😉 

This year, I’m looking forward to trying out my luck at the Willard Hotel which is 
celebrating Lucky Lily Day™ on May 3, from 5:30PM to 8:00PM, with a courtyard event of wine, beer and authentic tastes of France. A variety of traditional French desserts will also be featured along with live music. But most importantly, guests will be greeted at the entrance of the event with small bouquets of lily of the valley. Tickets for the event can be purchased at the door, and start at $20 redeemable for four items to be redeemed at food and wine stations set up throughout the courtyard.

And because I love muguet so much and I’m really excited to see the Willard Hotel throw a French themed fête, I will be hosting a little tweetup in the courtyard in conjunction with the event. I hope you’ll join me for some tweeting and a glass of rosé! More info and to rsvp, right here

ps: I hope you follow me on twitter, but also on facebook! You can also follow the Willard Hotel (twitter, facebook).

 * The first of May is not cheerful/ I slave away, said the lily of the valley/ Ten times more than usual/ A regrettable encumbrance

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