Wine Wednesday ~ Vintage Virginia

IMG_1362Thanks to The Hill is Home (and to my friend Lisa who drove us to Centerville) I attended Vintage Virginia last weekend. The annual wine and food festival features the Commonwealth’s best wine (there were 40 wineries representing!), food and music each year during a fun-filled festival at Bull Run Park Special Event Center. Here are a few things I took away from the event:

  • I loved seeing that some of my favourite food trucks (Red Hook Lobster Pound, DC Curbside Cupcakes, DC Empenadas or Big Cheese among others) drove all the way down from DC for the event. I toyed with the idea of trying Grapevine, a Richmond-based food truck, but ultimately couldn’t resist a hot bowl of pho from Phowheels. Pho is not the best in 80+ degree weather and it doesn’t go *that* well with Trump Monticello Rosé 2011. But oh well…I just can’t seem to say no to pho. Plus I cooled down afterwards with one of Sinplicity’s amazing sinwich.


  • Rebec Vineyards poured an interesting Gewurztramiver. Though I wouldn’t drink a full glass of their Bulgarian inspired spicy sweet wine Sweet Sofia, I was glad to try it. Also, I was glad to hear the winery hosts a wine and garlic festival in the fall. Looks like I’ll be heading to Amherst, VA comes October 12, 2013….
  • Wine slushies are a thing, apparently. Oh Virginia…


  • While Lazy Days Winery‘s  2010 Malbec is a Bronze Medal Governor’s Cup Winner 2013, it was their Capuchin White (100% Petit Manseng) that really impressed me as a good summer wine. I brought home a bottle.
  • Williamsburg Winery had a sweet Vin Licoreux de Framboise that I could see making a good kir with.
  • Some wineries have very gimmicky names (I’m looking at you Unicorn Winery!) and occasionally decent wine. Who would have thought Well Hung Vineyards‘ wines could indeed “stand up to any occasion.” Also, they have delicious hot and spicy nuts 😉


  • I tried some wines I’m not proud of, most of them from Peaks of Otter. There was the Mango Tango, the Pina Colada, the Kiss the Devil Chili Pepper or (le gasp) the Chili Dawg. Never ever should you lick cheddar Kraft Easy Cheese (from a can) off your finger before taking a “shot” of wine. Ever. Please France, don’t revoke my citizenship 😉


  • Wine can be paired with Indian food. Pandit and Dr. Sudha Patil purchased Narmada Winery back in 2009 and now offer 13 different wines which can be paired with Indian food in their tasting room… or at home. While the wines didn’t necessarily stand out as particularly amazing, they were good. As soon as the wine rep. mentioned lamb vindaloo as I was sipping my pour of 2010 Midnight (100% Chambourcin aged in French and American Oak) I immediately thought it was a brilliant call. It’s so hard to pair wine with indian food…

Overall, it was a really fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, try new wines and hang out with friends. Merci again for the tickets giveaway The Hill is Home!

2 thoughts on “Wine Wednesday ~ Vintage Virginia

  1. I didn’t know Red Hook Lobster Pound was in DC. I interviewed the owner for our travel show two years ago. She’s a trip.


  2. Yes, they were one of the early trucks here… I’m saving a bottle of VA wine for us when you’re down here…


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