(Canned) Wine Wednesday


One of my guilty pleasures when I’m out “clubbing” is sipping on a can of bubbly Sofia Blanc de Blanc. I had to put clubbing in quotation marks here… I’m in my 30s and have been married for 6 years… clubbing pretty much means I’m out past midnight and there may even be loud music involved ūüėČ

So I’m not opposed per se to the idea of drinking wine out of a can. I admit it, I’ve done it. I’ve even enjoyed it.

I’ve also bought wine in a box, mainly for sangria-making purchases though. I’m just saying, I might be French, but I’m open minded. Well, sort of. All that wine was American wine and I’m not sure how I feel about French wine in a can. Good French wine. AOC* wine. In a can.¬†French start-up Fabulous Brands is making me assess how I feel about it though with the launch of Winestar, a label of wine¬†en canette. Their goal, as explained by one of their founder, C√©dric Segal to¬†Le Figaro, is to¬†“democratize” wine and turn Winestar into the “Nespresso of wine.”



Now I love me some Nespresso (Nespresso >¬†Krups ANY day of the week) but I’m not sure I see the parallel. It’s basically¬†idiotproof espresso you can easily make at home. I can already get good cheap-ish wine in bottles. I don’t see what the cans really bring to the equation… Though I guess I do see some advantages to it if you’re on the go or out “clubbing” (even really clubbing, like if you’re at an actual club and you want a glass of vino). It’s easier to transport cans, making wine in a can a good option for airline carriers.¬†Spirit Airlines seems to think so too and they have¬†announced their plan to serve passengers wine in a can¬†(if you call strawberry moscato wine…) And that’s the whole issue: perception. Wine in a can comes with an image problem that it has to overcome. ¬†Germans apparently consume some 60 million units of wine in a can a year, so wine in a can has the potential to be successful, but can it be successful in France? We’ll have to wait and see if the “young and hip” urban beer drinkers Winestar is targeting want good wine in can. I’ll stay open minded, and I’ll try it. But please, no Wine Light or Wine Zero though… I have to draw the line somewhere ūüėČ

Would you drink/buy wine in a can? AOC wine in a can? I think I might stick with my Sofia.

*AOC = Appellation d’Origine Contr√īl√©e basically translates into “controlled designation of origin” and applies to cheese, wine and other agricultural products to certify that they come from a specific geographical location (like brie from Brie etc.)

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