Giveaway: Chevy-style dinner at Restaurant Nora

Nora, restaurant nora, organic restaurant dcChevrolet is sponsoring a Chevy-style blogger dinner at Restaurant Nora, the nation’s first certified organic restaurant, on Thursday, August 15, 2013 (6:30pm to 8:30pm). Not only is Chevrolet providing transportation in the fuel efficient Chevy Equinox but they’re also footing the bill! And I’m inviting one lucky (local) reader to join me for the evening. If that sounds like something you’d like to do (and you live in the DMV area), there are two ways to let me know: by leaving a comment on this post or by  emailing me at Just tell me about a road trip that resulted in one of your favourite food experiences. Just make sure I get your name and contact information (email or phone number) and you’ll be entered to win the opportunity to join me (and GregslistDC, DininginDC and Pamela’s Punch among others) at the blogger dinner in true Chevy-style! The contest begins today, July 29th and ends Monday, August 5th. The winner will be picked randomly and announced here on Wednesday, August 7, 2013.

My personal most recent favourite food experience involved a lovely road trip in a Chevrolet Cruze for brunch at the Ashby Inn in Paris… Virginia of course 😉


Can’t wait to read yours!

14 thoughts on “Giveaway: Chevy-style dinner at Restaurant Nora

  1. My favorite food experience through a Road Trip was my most recent trip to Asheville, NC. We’ve been driving for 8-10 hours stopping at gas stations and Starbucks for water/coffee/quick snacks, but when we finally drove around Asheville we saw VegHeads (vegetarian drive thru) and had one of the best vegetarian Gyros ever. The guy was very nice, we sat by a table next to the drive-thru and finally had something delicious and arrived to our destination. I had a bunch of other delicious bites in Asheville, 8-10 hrs worthy Road Trip. Now to cross my fingers! 😀


  2. Mexico. After a long morning of culture and history at Chichenitza, we were driving back to Playa del Carmen. Halfway back, we stopped at the cute town of Valladolid for lunch at an awesome outdoor restaurant with the coldest Micheladas and the most amazing Mayan food. Yum!


  3. Malaysia- we drove from Kuala Lumpur for a firefly river tour and stopped at a fishing village for lunch. The restaurant was no more than a shack outside with plastic tables, chairs and plates…but the fresh fish from the river was amazing with exotic vegetables to boot. It was such an unexpected treat in this amazingly remote place- the village is built entirely on ‘stilts’ since the houses sit on the mud by the riverbed and the shrimp chips are dried on the planks that you walk on from house to house…


  4. Being from the Miami, Florida area and not just hating car travel, but actually having motion sickness I haven’t been on many road trips. However, now living in the DC area has afforded me opportunities to easily travel between states. One trip was to the Charlottesville area where I was able to sample many different amazing Virginia wines and Virginia beers. I had a great time visiting Devil’s Backbone and loved their brewpub.


  5. I have been dying to go back to Restaurant Nora; haven’t been in years! Last time Jeff and I drove to NYC we were lucky enough to dine at Le Bernardin. It was a mind blowing experience that I’ll never forget. Every little detail was perfection.


  6. So many… hard to choose! My first “adult” memory, was when I was 16, visiting my Aunt in Australia; first international trip and without my family. We were at a little restaurant on a far away beach, only one plate was served that night to all the guests… no menu, no choice. Whatever I had, it was amazing; Asian inspired fresh caught fish. I was looking to add another heaping serving of rice to soak up the sauce and the chef (who was enjoying our company at the table) suggested that I head back to the kitchen and serve myself as muchnrice I would like. Most would think this as rude, for the chef to request this of me.. I saw it as an adventurous opportunity. So I sheepishly walked on back to explore (and serve). This was such an added experience, I absolutely loved seeing the backstage of the restaurant. At that moment I realized that the kitchen is the most honest part of the restaurant and shows a whole other layer of the establisment; the true emotion and work that goes into the creation of our food. So from there on out, I always try and sneak a peak to the back… and we’re not talking the Chet’s table or Presentation Bar (that’s just for looks)… the grueling production and love for the art is the real deal!


    • Congratulations Heidi!!! I’ll email you with more details but looks lie you’ll be my hot date at Nora’s next thursday 😉


  7. I took a bus to NY to visit a dear friend while she was completing her Master’s degree at Columbia. The two of us wandered the city for quite a few hours window shopping and catchup up when we stumbled upon a hole in the wall Thai food place. For a small location, it was pretty packed, so we decided to try it. I wish I could remember the name is this place, but it had some of the BEST food I have ever tasted in my life. It also didn’t hurt that it was across the street from a dessert bar, so we were able to head in that direction after our meal. To this day, it is the best authentic Thai food I have ever had.


  8. What an interesting question…I had an interesting road trip meal fairly recently on my way back from West Virginia! I had just crossed over the bridge in Harpers Ferry returning to Maryland and passed a sign for “Beans in the Belfry” and was too intrigued not to stop and check it out! It’s an old church that has been converted into a very adorable coffee shop. Lots of interesting art, free books to read while you sip and eat some modest breakfast/lunch offerings. Definitely not something I expected to find in (what appeared to be) an old coal mining town!


  9. My hobby is to explore new places to eat and trying new dishes at my favorite hot spots, so finding a good story to share is a bit difficult!

    One story that I find memorable and love to share is the time I found the hole in the wall dumpling shop in San Francisco. When my boyfriend moved out to the Bay Area, he would not stop raving about the incredible food. My boyfriend had developed a little Saturday routine. Living about 40 minutes out of the city, he would drive into the city, go to French class, build up an appetite, and basically run over to the China-town area to grab lunch. This China-town is like no other China-town: many choices, but many amazing choices! Not knowing where to go the first time he went into the city, he strolled through the neighborhood and he randomly lay eyes on a place that seemed to be a hole in the wall with a HUGE line forming outside. He was very pleased by his choice. After hearing many stories about how amazing this place was, I got my turn to stand in line back in December 2011 and was just blown away by the incredible food but atmosphere. There is no place to sit in this joint: you stand in line, among many other Chinese folks, point to what you want to eat, and pay a very minimal amount for large portions (but incredible tasting portions). After ordering 5 different sorts of dumplings, we ran to the nearby park filled with people playing Majong and doing Tai-Chi, and cracked open the take-out box. What I tasted next was mind blowing to the point that whenever I am in SF I go to that little hole in the wall and also make sure that any travelers I know heading West go there as well.


  10. a ride and dinner? take me away! I love food and recently while I was in FL and made a stop to a famously local restaurant, the Tasty Buddha. I ordered up some spicy coconut curry with an amazing veggie medley and tempeh, #NOM. the dish was divine and def. a highlight of my trip!


  11. My favorite diner experience was in Kigali, Rwanda. After eating a delicious grilled chicken, I finally realized that the chicken that was being chased down the street earlier was my diner. I should have realized and adopted him instead.


  12. Merci for all your entries! I was not expecting them to be so global, I must admit. Malaysia, Australia, Mexico, Rwanda… what a well traveled crowd 😉 Congratulations Heidi! We’ll see if they let you peek into the kitchen at Nora’s!!


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