You say tomato… I say tomato macaron ;-)

Belgium is famous for its chocolates, and while chocolate isn’t something I actually like or know much about, I can still appreciate cute little chocolate spots like Alex & Alex, which pairs its chocolate with champagne. I can also appreciate the beautiful Marcolini flagship store, a chic and minimalist space which looks more like an elegant jewelry shop. Pierre Marcolini is kind of like the Pierre Hermé of chocolate if you will… His place Sablon area boutique is (rightfully) on all the tourists’ guidebooks as a must visit spot for chocolate lovers. But Pierre also makes beautiful macarons. See, the chocolatier actually started his career as a patissier, winning the coveted World Champion of Pastry title back in 1995 and he makes creative pastries and delightful macarons… like these original tomato macarons:

tomato macaron, macaron, pierre marcolini macaron, macaron tomatepierre marcolini,

I mean… tomatoes are fruits after all right? Plus they’re in season 😉 Would you try it?

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