DC To Do List ~ 2014 Edition

958a1-to-do-list-padLet’s do this! Another year in Washington, another to-do-list!! Here are some of the things I would like to experience in the city in 2014.

Let’s start with items I am carrying over from pervious years:

1. US Supreme Court – It’s been on this list for 4 years. Le sigh.

2. Sip cocktails at the Columbia Room. I live so close, I’ve been to The Passenger so many time, so why haven’t I done this yet?

3. Diner at Little Serow.

4. Catching a movie at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse!! 

OK, now that that’s out of the way, some new items for the new year:

5. Visit my friend Courtney in Frederick. It’s not that far and I’ve promised I’d visit for a while. It’s on the list now, so no excuse!! 

6. Spend a leisurely afternoon hiking at Theodore Roosevelt Island.

342px-Enclosed_in_Scaffolding_-_Washington_Monument_-_National_Mall_in_Washington,_D.C._-_May_20137. Check out the 360 view of Washington from the top of the Washington monument. 

8. Attend a Tiny Desk Concert at NPR’s new headquarters.

9. Visit the Library of Congress’ Main Reading Room. It’s only open to the public a few times a year, so I’ve gotta time this right!! 

10. Dress in white and dine with 1,500 strangers at Washington’s first diner en blanc. I’m cheating a little by having this one on my list because I know it will happen, but I’ve been trying to bring this parisian tradition to DC for a few years now and I’m stoked that it’s finally happening, even if I’m only involved at a lesser level. 

What’s on your DC-to-do-list??

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