Help Welcome Hollande to the White House

The White House is offering you a chance to help say “Bienvenue” to French president François Hollande when he lands on the South lawn ahead of France’s official State Visit next week. A State Visit that we all know by now he will be attending stag 😉

#WHSocial at French Arrival Ceremony


This is a pretty neat opportunity for social media users. I myself had the opportunity to attend one of the White House’s first TweetUp a few years ago during the holiday season and it was a great experience. Though, it didn’t involve my own president, so this would be considerably better…

The morning arrival ceremony will be pretty lavish and include a review of troops. It will be followed by a panel discussion with Administration officials where the #WHSocial attendees can ask all sorts of questions about what it’s like to put this sort of high profile diplomatic event together.

You have until Wednesday, February 5th at 6PM to submit your application right here.

2 thoughts on “Help Welcome Hollande to the White House

  1. I would love to have an invitation! Just to be among our President and other amazing dignitaries! I would love to speak to the masses and let them know how blessed I feel to have such great people leading such great nations and how I honor the young men and women of who defend social right!

    Wish I could be there – but I send my regards and great wishes in my own absence!


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