♫Pandi Panda ♪ Petit Ourson de Chine ♫

Following on the footsteps of some of the other Smithsonian museums (NMAI, National Air & Space Museum and the American History Museum for example), the Smithsonian National Zoo just launched its own Instragram account. And what better way to get the word out than a) posting an adorable video of panda cub Bao Bao as its first pic b) invite a select group to get a closer look at Bao Bao during its first “instameet.”

Apparently Bao Bao also likes to sleep in on Saturday mornings...

Apparently Bao Bao also likes to sleep in on Saturday mornings…

I normally like to sleep in or watch a movie on Saturday mornings, but I was thrilled to get up at the crack of dawn and jump on the red line (which was single tracking of course) to join some 30 other instagrammers at the Panda House for #Zoomeet. I had recently listened in on a webinar on Instameets: Combining Digital and in-Person Engagement hosted by DigitalGov and it was great seeing some of the tips and tools discussed in action during the #Zoomeet. But really, it was great seeing Bao Bao without having to wait in line for a long time. And it was also great to speak with some of her keepers and learn more about what it’s like to care for a baby panda everyday. I could go on and on, but I’ll just leave you with some more pictures of Bao Bao. Taken with a real camera. Follow me on Instagram to see the shots I posted during #ZooMeet.

IMG_2059 IMG_2074 Bao BaoWondering about the title of the this post? Then clearly you did not grow up France during Chantal Goya’s heyday… I was a HUGE fan and saw a lot of her show. Pandi Panda was one of my favourite song 😉


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