Save the Date: Ah, que Johnny a DC (et NYC…!)

He may still be called France’s “biggest rock star” but Johnny Hallyday lives in the United States these days, where he is a permanent US resident just like me… He’s past his prime, yes, but he’s had a long and illustrious musical career. And he’s touring the country this spring….

johnny hallyday USA, Johnny hallyday us tour

Like most French artist on a US tour, he’ll be performing in New York (May 6, Beacon Theater) and Los Angeles, because, well, these are clearly the only two American cities French artists know. But lucky us, he’ll also be stopping by the District (and San Francisco, and Miami Beach). And actually, it’ll probably be quite a treat… Johnny Hallyday typically performs in very large concert venues in France and seeing him play a more intimate and acoustic set must be a great experience. Though after Jane Birkin and Partick Bruel, I really wish “younger” artists would pay us a visit too. Oh well, I’ll take the 80 years old “’idole des Jeunes” I guess. 😉 

For more info on Johnny’s May 8th DC concert at the Lincoln Theater, and to buy tickets ($55), click here.

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