Go Habs Go: Poutine Pizza for Game 7

I don’t know who’s been doing poutine’s PR lately, but Quebec’s classic dish has been ALL over the news. There was this poutine porn in Huffington Post last month. A poutine burger was NPR’s featured Sandwich Monday recently. And then there was all the hoopla that accompanied the opening of Chicago’s Big Cheese Poutinerie, a restaurant dedicated entirely to, you guessed it, poutine!  Most recently, poutine popped up in this great Wall Street Journal article. The (Canadian) author, Adam Leith Gollner, laments the rise of enhanced poutine, topped with foie gras for example, arguing that poutine should remain, at its core, the greasy kind of dish that’s consumed when cold or inebriated. Or both 😉

I spent four glorious years in Montreal as an undergrad at McGill University. Often cold. And often inebriated. I’ve come to appreciate poutine and wish it were more easily available here in D.C. I did have really good poutine at the Canadian embassy once. And some not so good from Trader Joe’s. With my beloved Canadiens gearing up for a very important game 7 against the Bruins tonight in the Stanley Cup playoffs, I decided  to make my own poutine! Actually, I decided to make poutine pizza, which Adam Gollner would probably have frowned upon…

poutine, poutine pizza, molson, molson canadian


Poutine pizza is actually super easy to make. The hardest part is probably finding the cheese curds! (some local farmers’ market will have cheese curds occasionally but your best bet is to make your own or order them.) For the rest, I used store-bought everything: crust, gravy, frozen fries… of course you could be more ambitious and make everything from scratch. I just wanted something quick, simple and sort of Canadian to enjoy while I screamed at my TV! I pre-cooked the fries and the crust, then layered them with the cheese curds and cooked that until the curds got nice and melty. Towards the end, I added the gravy and cooked it for another minute or two. I paired it with, what else, a Molson Canadian. That was also hard to find in D.C. I looked at all the nice liquor store that I thought might carry a decent selection of “international” beers. Of course, Molson is not really nice nor international. It’s owned by Coors now. So I should have known I would end up finding a 6-pack at Walmart!

Are you watching the Stanley Cup playoffs tonight or will you be tuning in to watch the Wizards play? I’ll be cheering for both, I mean, there is a Frenchie on the team after all!


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