10 Paris Instagrammers You Should Follow

I follow all sorts of people on instagrams. My friends, of course. Foodies. Travelers. Cat owners. Even a few politicians (bonus when they post #FridayKitty pics every week!) But I have a soft spot for people instagramming from my hometown. Here are some of my favourite Paris-based snappers right now:

In addition to having a pretty dreamy job in PR for Ladurée, Delphine also runs Goût’d Food, a lovely French food blog with an accompanying instagram feed GOUTDFOOD that’s as sweet as you’d expect. 

INSTA_Desserted in Paris
DESSERTED IN PARIS is the instagram account of Taj Spiegel, a graphic designer and pâtissier with a passion for shoes and pastries. Follow him for snapshots of gorgeous-looking desserts juxtaposed against his extensive collection of colourful shoes.  

INSTA_Parisian Floors
PARISIAN FLOORS also looks down, this time to the ornate mosaics and colourful tiles of the city. Unlike I have this thing with floors (also one of my fave!), photographer Sebastian Erras doesn’t regram anyone else’s content… the repetitive floor shots are all his. And while his shoe collection could use a few pointers from Taj Spiegel, his elegant but plain black footwear lets the focus shine on the brightly patterned tiles underneath. 

Nathalie Geffroy’s NATH PARIS captures daily slices of life in Paris, many taken in the rain or close to the ground. Nathalie is an artistic director at an ad agency and her creativity definitely comes through in her beautiful instagram pictures.

VTHEARA KHAM is a UI/UX Designer and one of the most followed French instagrammer in the world. In addition to instagram, his work has also appeared in little known travel books…you know, like, the official city of Paris tourism guide 😉

INSTA _ Paris je t'aime
Speaking of official tourism guide, Paris does have an official Instagram channel, PARIS JE T’AIME. It regrams a ton of people so it’s a great spot to discover new fun Paris-based account. Use the hashtag #parisjetaime in your photos if you want to be figured. Also official but a little more fun is the account of VELIB, Paris’ bike share network. You’ve guessed it, that one will be pretty bicycle heavy 😉 

INSA_Julien French words
Following the attacks of November 13, Julien created the instagram account French Words where he introduces his followers to a new French word everyday. FRENCH WORDS JOURNAL is his personal account where he shares beautiful pics from his daily life in Paris and from his travels.

INSTA_lost in cheeseland
Lindsey Tramuta is a writer and photographer behind LOST IN CHEESELAND, a blog that documents her life as an American expat married to a Frenchman in Paris. Recently, she started traveling the globe on writing assignments so her instagram pic extends beyond Paris. But don’t worry… Paris is still the main star of her instagram feed.

INSTA je ne sais quoiAt one point, I realized I was basically only following “expats” living in Paris and made a conscious effort to seek out more Frenchies on both twitter and instagram. That’s when I came across Juliette’s account JULIETTE_JNSPC and blog Je Ne Sais Pas Choisir and I love it. Her comments are in French but her pictures don’t need any translations. Bonus: unlike my furrbaby Chloe, her cat Sherlock is super photogenic…

INSTA _ Jean LucJEAN-LUC RAYMOND‘s feed combines two things I absolutely adore: cats and street art! Well, make that three if you include Paris 😉 

Last but not least, some bonus instragram accounts: HUGO KATSUMI‘s sky-heavy feed (cloud-haters abstain), MARTA LISBOA for some unexpected angles and bright colours, MECS METRO PARIS just for fun (and for some French dudes… in the Paris metro) as well as I_AM_UN_CHAT, the feed of Jean-Baptiste Delame, an advertising executive who owns the cutest tuxedo cat and takes some great snapshots documenting his daily life in Paris.

Did I miss one of your fave Paris-based grameur? Who are some of your go-to instragram peeps (Paris based or not)?

{this post was update February 4, 2016}

3 thoughts on “10 Paris Instagrammers You Should Follow

  1. Hi,

    I love everything about Paris so many Thanks for this amazing list!
    On the same topic, I recently found this french photographer: @HBphotographie

    He seems to have just started but something tells me it won’t be long until he’s noticed!

    Check out his pictures you’ll understand 😉


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