Off the Beaten Path: ToKi’s SYNTH SERIES 002 Yarn Installation

My (Southern Republican) husband always jokes around that he is very vanilla, and that I bring a little bit of spice, the rum raisin flavour if you will, to his life. I don’t know about that, but I definitely bring him out of his comfort zone on a regular basis ūüėČ Like, the other day, for example, when I “dragged” him semi-willingly to an abandoned warehouse¬†near the Rhode Island Avenue metro stop to check out an art installation by ToKi. Dragged him to this building:

Toki Art Installation

ToKi is a collaborative effort by two recent Howard University architecture graduates,¬†Khai¬†Grubbs¬†and Toluwalase Rufai.¬†Their latest work is a¬†colourful¬†art installation called SYNTH SERIES 002.¬†Their main material: yarn, though I’m not sure I would actually classify this particular work as graffiti knitting (check out this awesome gallery in Time Magazine¬†or this Buzzfeed article to see what happens when crochet meet street art!) Rather than reclaim, transform or personalize a public space, their collaborative work here seeks to study¬†the intersection of music, space & architecture. Their words, not mine ūüėČ Part of the experience is definitely the thrill of finding the (no-longer-so) secret location and getting into it¬†to find the colourful basking in the light of the top floor of the building, with nothing but silence as soundtrack. It definitely made for an amazing experience and some stunning pictures and instagram shots!






IMG_2645This is the duo’s¬†second installation.The first one, SYNTH Series 001,¬†took place at Fort Totem Park near the Fort Totem, in a much more open environment. ¬†They have plans to create more such work in the ‚Äúsynth‚ÄĚ series throughout the city.

I wonder where they’ll pop up next!!

UPDATE: According to reports, like this instagram post¬†or this one, ¬†the installation was torn down by the owner of the building where it was housed. Le sigh. Though it is the nature of this kind of urban art I guess…

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