Weekend Highlights: Work, Work, Work (and a Little Disney Fun!)

Greetings from California! I’m actually here for a work conference and working pretty much non-stop throughout the weekend. Since the conference is at the Disneyland Hotel, I did manage to squeeze in a little bit of fun (and Disney magic) though. Like during our staff work dinner Friday… 

After a long day of stuffing conference bags and making sure everything was set up, we all had dinner together at Wine Country Trattoria. The food itself was not highly memorable… I love Disney but fine cuisine isn’t their forte. What was great about the dinner was that the restaurant is located inside California Adventure Park, one of the two themed parks at the Disneyland Resort complex, and we had an opportunity to spend one quick hour inside the park between the end of dinner and closing time. I took full advantage of it, riding California Screaming and the Tower of Terror with some colleagues and reconnecting with an old friend.  

IMG_1990Mickey's Fun Wheel in Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort

Otherwise, it’s pretty much just work, work, work. When I do manage to get out of conference rooms, I can soak up the California sun for a few minutes.

California dreaming

I really wish we had palm trees in DC! 

Outside of the conference, I’ve been spending the bulk of my (free) time at Downtown Disney, an outdoor dining and shopping center similar to Disney Village at Disneyland Paris. It’s open pretty late, so it’s been my go-to spot to escape work for a few minutes and immerse myself in Disney vibes, even for just a few minutes. Best way to do that? Eat all the things Mickey shaped, like this cute chocolate dipped rice krispy treat! 

Mickey Rice Krispy Treats at Downtown Disney

My conference ends on Wednesday and I’m staying in California through next Sunday, so I’ll definitely have more fun things to report in my next weekend update! Until then, have a great week!

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