The Best Ikea Products for Diner en Blanc

I’ve been combing through the new IKEA catalogue since it came out last week and re-designing my apartment in my head ever since. Because I’m in a Diner en Blanc state of mind right now, putting the final touches on my tablescape etc. I’ve been paying particularly close attention to anything white that I could possibly hack for the event or use as a fun little additional design piece. And guess what, you can pretty much find everything that you need for your table at IKEA. So if you don’t have all of your stuff for #DeBDC16 yet, check out these pieces:

Ikea Table - Diner en Blanc

Since the table has to be covered by a cloth, it doesn’t need to be white and the askholmen table folds easily for transportation to and from the secret location. The Gunde chairs are equally convenient and you have all your basics covered for less than $60. 

Now for all the stuff that goes on top of the table… Of course you can go for a more elaborate tablescape but your basic pieces are:

  • napkins
  • plates
  • glasses 
  • silverware
  • lights.

I would add a cheap place mat to add a little “color” and the pretty 3-tiered kvittera serving plater to use as a functional centerpiece. You may also need a wine cooler if you’re having champagne or white wine (and of course, Ikea’s got you covered for that too). The skurar lantern (and all of the skurar series) can be used either as a vase or pot for flowers or for some dim dinner lighting. Altogether, we’re looking at $70 for all the dining elements. 

Everything you need for Diner en Blanc

If you’re headed to your first diner en blanc soon and are looking for a one-stop shop, Ikea basically has you covered. And if you’re veteran diner, you can still pick some super cute pieces to add to your table design without breaking the bank.

4 thoughts on “The Best Ikea Products for Diner en Blanc

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