A Quick Update on My Running Goals

I didn’t really know where to start when I first sat down to jot some running goals for the year. I mean, my main goal was to lead a healthier life, turn to running rather than drinking at the end of a stressful day and hopefully complete the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler I had impulsively entered (and won) the lottery for.  I’ve never been really good as setting goals and following through with them, so in the spirit of bettering myself I decided to actually go through the exercise. I did what all good bloggers do: found some running bloggers to follow on social media, stalked their feed for a while, read their posts and reflected on what I was truly trying to achieve for myself when I decided to start running. With all that in mind, I came up with 10 goals for 2017. Well, I added an 11th one later on. And on the eve of me crossing that 11th bonus goal off my list, here are my running goals and a quick update on how close I am to achieving them.


Make Running a Regular, Consistent Habit

I’m afraid this one is still a work in progress for now… while I have made exercising a part of my daily life, running isn’t what I turn to first. I actually started cycling when CycleBar opened a new studio in NoMa and became quite addicted. I now look forward to ending every week with Haley’s Happiest of Hours class at 6:00PM on Friday. I leave all the stress of the week in the room and immediately feel better and more relaxed afterwards. And stronger too. Eventually, I’d love to feel that way about running but for now, I still force myself to do it and it is not something I do as consistently as spinning. 

Run a 5K Without Walking

I love walking. And I have a really hard time resisting the temptation to pause a little (to snap a pic, respond to a text or just take a break) during my runs so I’m not crossing this one off the list quite yet… 

Run 5K in Less Than 30 Minutes


I time all my runs to 30 minutes, even if I end up running longer than that, to track progress on how long it takes me to run 5K. I keep a log in a bullet-style running journal and I am soooo close with this one. I run like a turtle but I’m slowly getting faster, at least for short distances. 

Run the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

Running DC's Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

Check! This is literally the race that started it all for me. It was the first actual race I ever trained for and ran some 8+ years ago and my motivation for training last winter. My time wasn’t great, I walked a lot. But I did it!

Join a Running Group

I don’t know why I didn’t get started on this one sooner… well, that’s a lie. I know exactly why. I’m an introvert and a slow runner.  My lack of confidence in my ability to keep up with other people, both socially and athletically, has been paralyzing. I made some baby steps towards getting over my fears recently though. Last Wednesday, I joined a couple of ladies at Summit to Soul, which is an awesome sports shop on 8th street, for a run around the Capitol. Turns out they were all very nice and I (almost) kept up with them. And on Monday, I headed to Pacers on 14th street for their weekly group run. I did ok there too, keeping up with everyone even while making small talk. Finally yesterday I went to my first Cycle-Run-Wine at Cyclebar and managed to run 2.5 miles after a grueling spin class. Go me! Turns out I really wish I had done this sooner. Running gets lonely and I’m way less likely to stop and walk as soon as things get tough when I’m surrounded by other peeps. I’m headed to Paris next week, but when I’m back, I plan on checking out a few more running groups and hopefully pick one or two to keep up with. Since I really struggle with long runs, I really hope to find one that will keep motivated to during 8 to 10 miles…

Be in the Better Mood After Running

Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not… but usually I feel good about myself, if a little tired. If I’m not in a better mood after running it’s typically because I haven’t had a good run and that’s typically because I haven’t been running consistently.  So this goal is tied to an extend with the first one of making running a regular, consistent habit. And still a work in progress.

Run a 10K Race


I find that I only train if I have a race coming up so I’ve tried to sign up for different races of various length throughout the year, whether it’s the Crystal City Twilight 5K or the Marine Corp 10K in late October.  This item will get crossed off soon enough 😉

Turn Running into a Social Activity


I’d love to make running dates with friends though my peeps usually fall in one of two categories:

  • those who are hard-core runners … and I can’t keep up with them
  • those who hate running and have no desire to run, even with me

Obviously, I need to find some peeps in the middle… and hopefully as I settle on one or two running groups to participate in frequently I’ll make some running friends at my pace and level. It would be nice to have people to meet up with at races and an extra incentive to get up early for long runs if it were paired with the promise of mimosas and croissants with friends afterwards right?

Run the Paris Marathon

This is actually a long term goal that I had no intention of crossing off my list this year, but still wanted to have on there. I don’t need to complete a lot of marathon in my life. Just the one. In my hometown. I’d also love to participate in the Marathon du Medoc some day, but I don’t need to actually cross the finish line on that one 😉

Run 100K in one Month

I was inspired to add this goal to the list because a lot of ladies in the facebook running groups I follow had threads talking about this and comparing their progress. I figured 100K is basically a little more than 4 miles every other day so if I consistently ran 3 miles M-W-F and then did a long run of 8-10 miles on Sundays I would hit that goal. As I mentioned, I’ve been struggling with consistency so I haven’t reached it yet, but I’m hopeful I can maybe in October or November… 

Run an International Race

This is my bonus goal and I only added it after signing up for a Disneyland Paris half marathon. I’m boarding an Icelandair flight to Paris tomorrow and the race is Sunday. You can read my goals for that race <>… and I definitely wish I’d trained a little harder right now. But there’s no turning back now. I’m running an international race this weekend… and wearing a cute costume too.  

If you’re a runner, do you set goals for yourself every year? Or before each race? I’d love to know! 

2 thoughts on “A Quick Update on My Running Goals

  1. just got back into running at the beginning of June. I used to set a lot of goals back in the day. First goal was usually distance related and then as the distance became more attainable to keep myself motivated I would tack on speed goals. My brother actually motivated me to get running again as he is relatively new to running but quickly advanced to be able to do a half marathon. I had the honor of running with him as he completed his first half marathon. My only goal was to run with him. As he is about 2 and a half minutes per mile slower than I it was really fun for me to take it easy and relax and just worry about finishing. My goal for the next year is 3-4 half marathons and I will consistently add speed goals, once a speed goal is attained I re-adjust and try to get better.

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    • That’s awesome you got to run with your brother. I’ll decide soon if I add a full marathon to my goals next year (I guess I should see how I do with my goals at the end of this year first!)


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