2019 Berlin Marathon Training: Race Week

BOOM! Last Berlin marathon training recap! It’s travel week. And race week. And packing week. Here’s how it all went down:


Joined Pacers 14th street for one last run before Berlin.


I went to the Anthem for the first time, to see Massive Attack. SUCH a good show.


I’ve used this taper week to take advantage of Corepower’s free trial week. I took 5 classes in 7 days and actually really loved the experience. I’ll do the $99/month new members deal when I get back. I feel like after two marathons I won’t want to run and will be happy doing all the yoga. Anyhoo, took one last C2 class on Wednesday.


Travel day !


Woke up in Paris and since my flight from DC was late I missed my connection to Berlin. Things got a little messy from there becauS (shocker) all the other flights to Berlin were full. After playing the stand-by game for 6 hours I eventually got on a 3:30pm flight. Immediately upon landing, I headed to my parents’ hotel, showered, changed and then the three of us headed to Pauly Saal for a fabulous five course dinner to celebrate their 44th wedding anniversary. It was amazing though I was ready to sleep by dessert. I finally made my way to the Westin where Caitlin was waiting for me with a glass of German wine, as friends do 😉


We got the expo done right away then met some friends at Markethalle Neun for lunch. We did a little sightseeing but Caitlin and I wanted to rest our legs before grabbing dinner and going to bed early. We also caught a bit of the in-line skating race, which takes place on the same course as the marathon.


Race day! I’ll dedicate a separate blog post to the actual marathon but let’s just say it wasn’t an easy race. It started raining around noon which means I ran most of the race soaked. I had an awesome first half, the second part was a different story. I still finished with a 17 minute PR, which I’m really happy about though the first half had me think I might be able to do a little better. Oh well, there’s always Chicago…. in two weeks 😉

Bilan de la semaine: It was stressful wrapping things up at work, packing and then dealing with flight delays. But I made it to Berlin! I PR-ed by 17 minutes in tough conditions and now I get to enjoy a week of vacation!

What I’m watching/reading/listening toI finished Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi and Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud: The Rise and Reign of Unruly Women by Anne Helen Peterson. I have his one on kindle and audio but ended up mostly listening to it, especially on the plane as I was trying to fall asleep.

What I’m eating/drinking:  I’ve had a lot of great meals in Berlin already. I’ll just highlight this dumpling soon. It warmed my soul in cold and rainy Berlin.

What I’m looking forward to on week 18: Recovery… and tapering for Chicago. I can’t believe I have to do this all over again in two weeks!! What was I thinking?? (it was something like YOLO). But most immediately, I’m looking forward to spending a few more days in Berlin and then traveling to Copenhagen and Malmo.

Still linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down. I love checking in on everyone’s week and training. Hope you do too! 

7 thoughts on “2019 Berlin Marathon Training: Race Week

  1. Oh…you dangled that Berlin carrot, and now I’m wanting more details 😉 Congrats on the race, and the PR!! Especially in such crappy weather. Enjoy your recovery/taper time 😉


  2. yay!! I can’t wait to hear details! traveling for a marathon isn’t complete without some sort of hitch, right? 🙂 We watched the marathon when we woke up Sunday morning and I really thought the rain was going to stay away. I felt so bad for all those people who started about halfway back. Congrats on your PR! When do you get to Chicago? Running the 5K too? Kim (Kooky Kim) and Michelle and I will be running it too 🙂 I have had to defer my marathon though 😦


  3. Congrats on your PR! And your taper…just wow. I can’t wait to read your recap. Your marathoner sweat shirt is really cute.


    • It’s from Sarah Marie Design, gift from my friends when I ran my first marathon and it was the warmest shirt I brought on the trip so I ended up wearing ALL. THE. TIME 😉


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