2020 or the Year I Focus on Half Marathons

Well, it’s January 24th and I have already raced one half marathon! This is my third year running and I’m learning new lessons as I go. The biggest lesson from last year is don’t run two marathons in two weeks on two different continents 😉 This year, I would like to focus on the half marathon distance. I only ran in 2019 and I didn’t set a new PR… With that in mind, I’m signed up for three half marathons for the first half of the year and I have some idea of what races I would like to do in the fall, but as of now, my schedule is completely clear! Let’s see how long that lasts…


I ran the CHARLESTON HALF MARATHON on on my birthday. I was a bit under trained and didn’t deal with the heat and humidity really well. My time was 2:29 and I know I can do (and have done) much better. 


As of now, I am planning on skipping PACERS’ LOVE THE RUN YOU’RE WITH 5K so I have no races planned for February.


I missed this race weekend last year, because it was at the same time as the  UNITED AIRLINES NYC HALF MARATHON in New York City so I’d love to do the PACERS FOUR COURTS FOUR MILER on March 14 and the ST PAT RUN FEST 5K and 10K on March 15. I still have to see how I can make this work with my marathon training schedule (I should be doing my 20-22 mile run the weekend of March 7-8 so it should be a dial back weekend anyway) so I haven’t signed up yet, but I have some cool St Patrick’s day themed running stuff and I’d love to have an excuse to wear them! 

On March 28, I’ll be running my second half marathon of the year, the UNITED AIRLINES ROCK’N’ROLL DC HALF. Of course, I signed up for this race way before I decided to run the Paris Marathon the following week, so the timing is not ideal. Clearly, this won’t be a goal time race and I’m planning on taking it easy, giving all the high fives and all the hugs (and drinking all the dranks!)


If you’ve been reading some of my training recap, you know I’m running my hometown’s marathon, the SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC MARATHON DE PARIS on April 5th. It will be my first Spring marathon and I can’t wait!

And since I’m running a marathon in early April, I won’t be running the PNC PARKWAY CLASSIC 10 miler this year, but I’m toying with the idea of running the 5K on April 26.


In May, I’ll be headed to Maine with a group of running friends to run the SHIPYARD MAINE COAST HALF MARATHON.

And beyond that I don’t know and that’s kinda refreshing. Also nerve racking for a planner like me 😉 I’ve waiting (but not holding my breath that I’ll get in) to hear on the New York marathon to start thinking about fall races. Some of the races I’m considering include:

Obviously, I’m not going to do ALL of those races, but they’re the ones on my radar right now. Different ones could pop up. Or I won’t do any of them (in the very unlikely event that I get into New York for example or decide to be very crazy and do the MCM 50K). I’d also still love to do a relay type race, whether it’s a Ragnar or not. That’s something I’ve been wanting to do since I started running basically and I wasn’t able to make it the two times I was asked to join a team (I still regret not making the Ragnar in Sweden work).  I’d also love to do some trail races… The thing is I feel like this time last year, I was already locked in to two fall marathons and I had very little opportunity to be spontaneous if opportunities came up. I’d like to try and do things a little differently this year…  

What’s on your race calendar? Do you already have a good idea of what races you’re doing?  What are some of the races on your bucket list? 

3 thoughts on “2020 or the Year I Focus on Half Marathons

  1. Wow — Very impressed with your long-term planning.

    My main upcoming race is the Star Wars Rival Run 1/2 marathon in April (at Disney World).

    Boston Marathon is on my bucket list, but it may actually kill me to qualify so we’ll see :-).


    • Ah ah! This is nothing compared to last year… unfortunately when it comes to races with lotteries or that require international travel (also, training!) you can’t just wing those at the last minute. Yeah, Boston is on my bucket list but I’ll never time qualify and the fundraising amounts are just daunting now. I might wait until I have all the other 5 stars and hope Abbott helps me out (apparently they do that for a few runners every race…)


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