2020 Paris Marathon Training: Less than 50 days to go!

So I didn’t have much to report for last week and skipped the recap. It was a rest week and it rained a lot in D.C. and I just couldn’t motivate myself to do much. Oh well, it’s a new week now and with less than 50 days to go until Paris here is how it went: 


After a lackluster performance last week, I was determined to kick off the week strong. It helped that the weather was absolutely lovely for mid-February. I ran to Pacers 14th street and left the 5 miles group at the Washington Monument to run home on my own, for a total of 11.7km / 7.25 miles. BOOM! 

I started the run kinda slow, 6:50-6:58/km pace (11:05/mi) but then I ran 3 km below 6/km, including one at a very fasty-for-me 5:32/km pace at one point (that translates to 3 miles below 10 at 9:56, 9:04 and 9:56) for an average of 6:19/km pace (10:10/mi) which is a pretty good pace for me. 


It was endurance day at OrangeTheory and we had a solid block on the treadmill. I tried to push myself again with my pace and ran 4.5 km/2.8 miles during the class, at a 6:13/km pace (10:00/mi) which again is quite good for me.


Oh, Wednesday was a bit crazy! I had a 7AM conference call (downside of working for a French company…all your colleagues are on a different time!), a 9:30AM doctor’s appointment (to finally get that stupid medical certificate for the Paris marathon), a 3:30PM vet appointment and date night with Corey. So I did the best I could and that was 5 miles up North Capitol to the McMillan reservoir and back down through Howard’s campus and Shaw. My average pace was 6:09/km (9:54/mi) and I ran 2 km under 6/km (5:50/km and 5:51/km) which made me happy! Corey made me grilled cheese afterwards and that also made me happy too.


Lots of pushes and all-outs at OrangeTheory and a pretty challenging floor workout too. I got like 6 splat points on the floor/rower and 20 more on the treadmill where I ran 4.4km and stuck with my new base pace of 6.0.


Rest day!


For the second week in a row, I joined the November Project DC Long Run Crew for a stroll around the city. My plan called for 15 miles (24 km) but the NPDC Long Run Crew was only doing 8 so I ran about 4 miles on my own before meeting the group at Union Station.

My friend Jessica is training for an ultra and her plan called for her to do 19 miles. Her and her friend Sari also tackled some extra miles before the run and then the three of us added some at the end.

I’m a little nervous about next weekend’s 18 miler but the run this weekend went really well. In the evening, Corey and I got to dress up and attend my friend Jessica’s wedding. Felt good not to wear running clothes once in a while.


It was such a beautiful day ! I ran 2 miles to my friend Molly’s for some doggie kisses from her pup  Bruna and then we went on a short hike in Rock Creek Park.

I wrapped up the week at 57 km / 35.5 miles, which is maybe a bit on the lower side of what I should be doing mileage-wise but decent. All my runs have been faster this week which is giving me a needed boost of confidence. Of course, I don’t think I can sustain these paces over the course of a marathon, but it’s just really nice to see some signs that I’m improving a little… 

What I’m reading/watching/listening to:  I finished two books this week: La Tresse by Laetitia Colombani and The Bride Test.

And I’m still listening to The Water Dancer though I’m having a hard time getting into it and thinking I should switch to reading it instead of listening to it. I typically have a harder time listing to fiction….

What I’m eating/drinking:  We had a wonderful girls’ dinner at Nina May. I love the concept. For $44 each, the kitchen just brings you dishes to share until you can no longer eat. There were many stellar dishes though I wish I kept closer attention to what everything was 😉

What I’m looking forward to on week 8: I feel like I’m getting there! I had a good week training-wise. I have my medical certificate. I even finally bought my plane ticket! Now I just gotta tackle that 18 miler next weekend!

Back to linking with Kim of Running On The Fly and Deborah of Confessions of a Mother Runner for their weekly wrap-up. Check out everyone’s posts and join the community if you’re blogging about your fitness journey too!!

16 thoughts on “2020 Paris Marathon Training: Less than 50 days to go!

  1. Sounds like a great week overall! That’s so nice that you had people to run with for most of your long run miles. And you look great in your wedding guest attire 🙂


    • It’s hard for me to find people at my pace to run with so as I’m getting into those long runs it has been really nice indeed!! And thank you, it was fun to play dress up and the wedding being local (literally a few blocks from where I live made it super convenient!!)


  2. I have been hearing so many good things about Nina May the hubs and I will have to try ti. Looks like a really solid week of running for you. Love the photo at the wedding! Have a fantastic week ahead and thanks for linking up w us


    • I definitely recommend going with more than just one person if you want to do the menu. You’ll get more different dishes that way. I hope that restaurant sticks! I feel like there had been a lot of turnover at that specific spot…


  3. Great week!

    You looked gorgeous at the wedding – I love that dress!

    It’s so interesting you need a medical certificate to race in Paris. I’m glad you got it, but still. It’s a lot of red tape.


  4. I have to admit, I am a teensy bit jealous of you running the Paris Marathon! 🙂 It sounds like your training is going great. I also love the Nina May concept. What a wonderful place to do a girls’ dinner!


    • I dunno… I’ve read some horror stories of lack of bathrooms at the start and people just peeing all over the champs elysees so I’m starting to get a bit nervous (also, worrying it will get canceled now that there’s an outbreak of coronavirus in Italy… )


  5. Congrats on your strong runs this week! I think the real fun is seeing the improvements with each training cycle, at this time last year when I was training for my first half it was really tough to run 10 miles, and then last fall it was a bit easier, and now that I’m up to 10 again, it’s one click easier still (though not easy).


  6. I wondered why I hadn’t seen your recap last week! I totally understand those lackluster weeks! Looks like you made up for it a bit!

    you and corey look amazing ❤ I miss dressing up. I just am not feeling it in my body right now 😦

    good luck on your 18 miler!


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